Unfulfilled Mom last wish

This happens long time ago about 4-5 weeks ago.

My mom’s name is “Rabbit” and she has husband (but I didn’t know what his name). When I was born she told me “your daddy die”, which of course makes me confused for a while. Then I guess they were playing role with this game which is completely fine. So i just went with them.

My mom showed me my father graveyard. I act sad on my father graveyard, I put indigo flower there. My mom took the flower and put it back. Later she changed the flower with rabbit snatched and told me “Burry me next to your father, and put rabbit on my graves.”

“I will. I promise.” i said.

When I finally turn 3, I walk around the village while my mom is standing right beside her husband grave waiting for her time. She was over 40, so I guess she didn’t want to live anymore. Later, I saw her died. I said “I will burry you, mom. As your wish.” but no, my phone died before I could find shovel. When my phone finally turned on, I found my avatar died starving. It so sad to know I did not fulfilled my mom last wish.