Ungrateful children

I really want to go impress the fact that if you are a female, there’s a helluva lot of stress trying to make sure that the village thrives, and taking care of the babies. In such, I’ve recently found that I want to address this one, since she HAD to leave a smart remark. Otherwise I would have let this pass.
I was trying to get a variety of possible food farm set up for the village, as someone was trying to eat all the berries of a small Grove that someone had set up. So I was trying to set up a farm of potatoes, carrots and other stuff for the village. But while out searching for seeds, I had a daughter, who I named Zelda. And my first thought was trying to get her home. So I started heading back, and on the way I accidentally ran into a wolf. My first thought was “crap, Zelda needs to live.” So I said follow, and started trying to get her to home… But I didn’t make it. And I was hoping that she did, but come to find out she didn’t. And I was feeling guilty, all of one minute until I saw her remark. Afterwards I was a bit irritated, and if I meet her agian, I’ll probably make good on my promise…

Let this be a warning to most, try to understand what might be going on, not everything is what you assume.
And to the person, if we do ever meet agian. I better have gotten a quick apology from you, or you might find yourself out in the cold. Or better yet, keep some respect. I don’t appreciate ungrateful children


Sorry Joshari, you didn’t deserve that remark. Some people can be so rude. Hugs!


Lmao yah it will happen a lot especially if your playing on the beginner server. A majority of the players there seem to be very young. Or they dont really understand how to do anything in the game and assume what little they know is the only way to play. Theres also players who seem like they are pros… Well act like they are and have some knowledge of the game but are jerks about it. But after watching them for a few minutes ingame or through the observation mode you quickly realise they dont know what they are doing at all lmao.

Anyways i recommend joining the fellowship on discord and experiencing new game experiances. The only thing you’d have to get used to is not keeping babys when your not in a town you built yourself on the eu server.


the baby is soooo rude! I am sorry you have meet ppl like this in game, but I am sure there are lots of good kids you have had or going to have in game.

Also, if you are in early eve camp, potato is not good for food because you hv to use shovel to dig it out, it will increase the risk of breaking the shovel.


Report her.

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Yikes :confused:

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