Unlucky Number 3

So, story starts of pretty simple. I was born, I hear bell. Naturally, I wanted to go find that bell. But I couldn’t run on foot, so I needed a horse. That proved to be a problem, as we only had one horse, who was constantly in use. Fast forward 15 years, I managed to get a horse, and tame him with a carrot. Now I needed a saddle. But all of our sheep were sheared. No problem, I got a bowl of gooseberries and a carrots, and got fleece. Except I forgot that in order to make a saddle, I needed sheep skin. I spent well over 15 years trying to get a saddle, because once I managed to get a sheep with wool again, it happened that somebody misplaced the knife. Once I found the knife, somebody sheered the sheep. At one point I gave up and tried to just tame a dog, which is actually how I stumbled upon the knife.

Finally, at age 33, I was ready to get a move on. I didn’t know how far away the city was, but I had a horse, so it shouldn’t take that long, right? Nope. I spent ten more years on that horse before I got careless and the horse got bitten by the snake. It didn’t have a cart, so I had to abandon it. I spent 3 more years walking before I got sick with yellow fever, almost starving to death. Then, right after, I finally had a stroke of luck- there was a tame horse with a cart running around with no rider. I grabbed the horse and continued on my path for 3 more years, until a snake once again bit my horse. So I went to go get rope. But to do that, I had to go through the marsh, where I ended up going through a thick batch of trees, where a boar happened to be waiting.

I blame the number three for all of my misfortunes in this life.


Hahaha, I know the struggle :joy: once I left my re-birthmarker to go for the bell. Since I’m the only one in town, I didn’t have a problem taking the horse and some food… I set out to find the bell, as soon as I could use the horse… After turning 55 I still hadn’t reached it, luckily I found a new spawn eve, who I gifted my horse (with cart), all my food and 3 basket of Iron… The lesson, never go for bell town, you never know how far away it is!

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The first, last and only time I followed a bell was when I was born a boy to the last woman in our early game camp. She died right after I turned 3 and I heard a bell. I was relatively new, so I followed the new compass on foot. I walked 30-40 years, surviving on stuff I found out in the wild. Eventually I reached the bell and spent 20 minutes helping the city as much as I could. To this day I warn every player to ignore the golden siren when we hear her song.

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