Unofficial Ranting Post

There seems to be quite a few experienced players who don’t know the start up order for eves. They appear to know overall what is needed but don’t know what order it is created in. They probably gained experience during the weekend events and avoided new settlements (ie. Suicide babys). I played a game yesterday were my sister was complaining about how easy it is to skip the tutorial and I agree. My suggestion is that the first 3 ropes you make as an eve should be hidden behind trees until you can make your tools.


Then you get the complete opposite ones that know how to start up and do all the starting eve stuff and start the tools make the farm and good at early settlements and weaker in bigger ones cause they don’t know the more advanced stuff depends what server you mostly play on and time of day you mostly play

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Im really good at Eve stuff but in biger towns i get distracted to much and cant finish anything lol. I guess its because its rare to have an relaxing environment in this game.


Oh. My. Dog.

There are FIVE, I repeat, FIVE Japanese servers not counting the THREE “beginner” servers. Why the holy hell are Japanese players playing on the ONLY normal US server and then getting pissy about being born into a non-Japanese speaking family?

If you want to be spoken to in Japanese, then PLAY ON THE GODDAM JAPANESE servers!

Deep breath. Okay, I got that off my chest.