Update バージョン 2.23.0 Traveling Merchant, 6 Slot Horse Cart &Table / さすらいの商人・大きな馬力車・テーブル

Traveling merchant さすらいの商人

-Give her one gold ingot and she gives you a big package.
-Give her one gold piece and she gives you a small package.


6 slot horse cart 大きな馬力車

You can now make bigger wheels to update your horse cart to fit more items!

Table テーブル

A table is a container for two items. Some items are rotated when you put them into any container (to look good in a basket), so we made it possible to change the rotation using a skewer. It’s up to you to make it look nice :wink:



it’s s a nice update. the tables make such a good look.
the horsecart is !!!greatest!!!

what about the krautboard?at the appstore it says improvement. I couldn’t findout yet… ?


Happy to hear you like the update.
The kraut board can now be disassembled, so one less way for griefers to cause problems.