Various ideas (種々のアイデア)

(I came up with various ideas.
From now on, whenever I think of a new idea, I will add it here.)
This time, I thought of beef jerky made of pork.
When there were no refrigerators in the past, our ancestors made beef jerky to keep meat for a long time.
I am inspired by it. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Wow cool!! I want to eat that :heart::heart:


The cross-shaped apron has no function.
So I want to put the needle and wool pad into the cross pocket.
(You can’t put anything in your pocket except medicine )
Also, wool pad or needles are hard to find because they are far away when needed.
That’s why medical boxes are needed to maintain treatment-related treatments.I want to add a job as a nurse by making a hat that fits the concept of nurse.


I’ve imagined mango juice this time.
It provides three food meters per one cup.
And many bottles can be stored in brick frames.
XD :rofl:


Wow goodness idea to many!!~~ :innocent:

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I love the mango juice idea! And the bottle system + storage is awesome! I think many other drinks could be done and stored this way. I would love this to be implemented ingame!


Wow, that would be so cool :grin::+1:

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