Version 2.0, and Private Servers Explained / バージョン2.0とプライベートサーバーについて

We expect version 2.0 of You Are Hope to become available very soon now (we are just waiting for the Apple review to happen before we roll it out). There is no new content this time, but new ways to play the game for those of you who are so inclined, namely on Private Friends Servers and on Solo Play Servers.

Private Friends Server
An owner of a Private Friends Server has to pick a name for the server on the first activation. Then they can create an invitation link and send out to the people they wish to invite to play. There is no limit on how many people you can send the invitation link to, but only ten players can join you at the same time and you can’t un-invite people, so be careful about your invitations.

The server has to be activated before people can play on it. The owner or an invited player who also owns a Private Friends Server can do this.

On the Private Server, the birth cool down is canceled, to make it easier for everyone to join the same family. Eve spawns follow a spiral, but living to 60 while being an Eve gives you a respawn at your death position.

The server shuts down five minutes after the owner leaves, unless a different owner of a Private Friends Server is playing on it. On shutdown, the state of the map is stored so it can be loaded back in next time the server gets activated. This both allows us to backup your map and enables us to keep the price lower than if we kept the server running 24/7.

Accepting an invite is as simple as clicking the invitation link on your device. This will start the app and register you as a player on the server in question. This adds the server to your list in the private server window. Any time it’s active, you can choose to play on it. If you also have rented a private friends server, you can also activate other servers that are in your list in case you wish to play on a different one than yours.

Solo Play Server
This is for solo play only. You can use it to try things out or to make your perfect garden or city, then extend it as much as you like. You still have to grow food to stay alive as you work on your masterpiece, allowing yourself to die and respawn all the time is not a smart strategy. You will spawn as a male or female adult on a slowly widening spiral, and living past 55 (not the usual 60) earns you a respawn to your last death location. Also, the Home Marker will be permanent across life and death on a Solo Play Server, so you will always be able to find your way back to it if you want to.

I’m sure there’s more to say about details, but I hope this is enough information to get you starting. Hope you have fun!


まもなく「あなたは希望です You are Hope」バージョン2.0のリリースです(後はアップルの査定が終われば実行できます)。今回新しいコンテンツはありませんが、長らくお待たせした新しいゲームの遊び方、つまり、プライベートフレンドサーバーとソロプレイサーバーが登場します。











The release has been launched just now!

A few more details:

  1. Observer mode is not active on Private Servers. We have plans to add it soon though.
  2. If you get a message like “No hardware available” when you try to activate your server, this means that there are so many servers active that all our capacity is used up. Don’t worry, we will quickly add more capacity if this happens. Right now in the beginning it’s very difficult to estimate how many people will rent servers.




  1. プライベートサーバーのオブザーバーモードは今のところありませんが、近日追加する計画がございます。
  2. サーバー起動時に「有効なハードウェアがありません」等のエラーメッセージが出る時、一度にたくさんのサーバーが起動中で許容量を超えてしまっている場合がございます。もしそれが起きてしまいましたら、容量を増やす予定でおりますのでご心配なく。まだ始まったばかりでどれくらいの方が利用されるかの予想が難しく、随時ご対応させていただきます。

A small user guide when you want to play on your server:

  1. Activate your server / あなたのサーバーを起動してください

  2. While the server is starting up, you will see some blinking lights… / サーバーが準備を始めると、ライトが点滅します…

  3. When the server is ready, press the play button / サーバーの準備ができたら、プレイボタンを押します

The server will automatically stop running 5 minutes after you have stopped playing.