Vision for You are Hope - the brief (?) version / 今後の方針・簡易(?)バージョン

There have been some requests for a topic like this. I think that if you read my posts on the entire forum, you will be able to understand what we are aiming for, but there is something to be said for a brief summary. It’s quicker, even if less nuanced.

Note: You should consider this as an opinion piece. Dual Decade is making no promises for the implementation and you should not base any buying decision of the game on this. The game is what it is today. You should buy it for what it is - not for what it might evolve into.

That said, here is my vision for You are Hope…

The core gameplay
At the core, You are Hope is about the need to cooperate with other people for mutual survival and development. The main challenges and rewards will always be about cooperation and about long-term survival for the family you are born into. Specifically, the game will not be about conflict. Conflict may happen because of player actions. This is not forbidden, but it is seen as failing the challenge and at the end it will turn out that it makes it harder to reach the goals.

Note that we will still provide alternative play modes, for fun and enjoyment. There are the Solo servers where you can build your own little paradise gardens. There are events which sometimes offer competition between players or teams of players. We may even run our own Battle Royale event some time. But these are seen as mini games on top of the game platform - not the Game itself.

Being born / respawned
In the state the game is currently, there is a clash between some of the ideas of the original game, and the wishes of the players on how they want to play it. The game idea was that each life is separate and should not be connected to earlier lives - nothing you do will ultimately be for your own gain, only for the gain of those coming after. This is a novel idea (and I can’t take credit for it myself). However, it seems that it clashes with a fundamental wish among most players: to be able to see what becomes of your hard work, and that it was not wasted effort. We aim to make a change here, which allows you to be reborn into previous families (and towns) under certain conditions.

Today, we have the Eve respawn logic, which we inherited from OHOL. This does not work entirely well, as it encourages baby suicide marathons as well as mothers abandoning children. It lets players affect the game experience negatively for others, in search for “creating your own town”.
So we will replace this with something better, which follows these guide lines:
In order to get the “award” of being able to continue on the same town/family over multiple generations, you need to

  • play together with others
  • affect other players positively
  • raise the children to adult age (and try to avoid dying as an infant)
  • make sure your family has the means to survive after your own death

There will be some kind of rewards for successfully starting a new family line as an Eve, and for being good at keeping children alive. I am still working on the design of this system, so I will leave out more details for now, but as usual I will come back for more player input and feedback before nailing the design completely.
(Edit: here are more detailed thoughts now:

Other game mechanics
There are also some game mechanics we will wish to redesign and improve over time. These are some that I have in mind:

  • temperature / clothes / food consumption / health
  • Yum bonus system
  • Water on the map (ponds, rivers, …)

Balancing game difficulty
Our goal is to make it easier (but still challenging) to start in an Eve camp. For developed cities we will provide more challenges to take on over time. These challenges will be about achievements - not about conflict.
New players should be able to play on the same servers as experienced ones. We want to make it easier to take the time to teach others, and have a food consumption model which makes newbies less “costly” for the players who have to help them survive.

Artistic expression
We wish to make more content and mechanics which allow players to be creative. Once survival seems to be in hand, players should be able to design towns that they can be proud of. We have started a bit with water canals, bridges and brick roads, but there are many more ideas waiting for execution.

I think I will stop here for now. As you can see, there is still a lot of work for us developers, and You are Hope will become better and better over time. Your feedback can help us pinpoint the most important things and focus our efforts on the most valuable changes and additions. There is always more that could be done (with infinite resources), than what ought to be done. Different things have different importance when it comes to making the game better.


// Christoffer



It’s awesome to see how responsive you are to the community. I am glad you are working on a different eve spawn system and what you have written does seem to encourage players to play with others. I believe people enjoy seeing their work carry on to the next generation and enjoy being able to come back to see the town grow due to their hard work.


Nice, i like it. That must have taken some work. Yah is getting more players & active.

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と言う訳で、以下が私の「あなたは希望です You are Hope」のヴィジョンです。



You are Hopeの主旨は、共にサバイバルし発展して行くために他者との協力を必要とする点です。一番のチャレンジとその報酬はいつも、協力と自分の生まれた家系の長期的なサバイバルにあります。具体的には、このゲームは争いではありません。争いはプレイヤーの行動により起こり得ることで、禁止はされていませんが、それはチャレンジの失敗を意味し、最終的には目標達成への道をさらに厳しくさせることになります。







  • 他者と共にプレイしなければならない。
  • 他者に良い影響を与えなければならない。
  • 子どもを大人になるまで育てなければならない(そして赤子の時に死ぬことを避けねばならない)。
  • あなたの死んだ後に家族が生きながらえる術を残さなければならない。




  • 気温/服/食べ物の消費/健康状態
  • 美味しいボーナス(フードチェイン)システム
  • マップ上の水エリア(池、川など)






ひとまず今はここまでにしたいと思います。ご覧の通り、我々開発にはまだたくさんやるべきことがありますし、You are Hopeはこれからさらに良くなって行きます。皆さんのフィードバックは一番大事な点を明確にし、最も有用な変更や追加に集中して力を注ぐことを可能にしてくれます。やるべきであることよりも、(無限の資源を使って)できることが常にたくさんあります。ゲームをより面白くするには、色々なことがそれぞれの重要性を持っているものなのです。




Sorry, I want to express my opinion.If this is amended, Eve’s existence will survive in name.It’s not fair to Eve who built big home.And mothers who abandon their children are not unwilling to raise them, just like me.
My family used to raise children, but they mercilessly killed and tore down my family.Now that it’s mandatory to raise a child, you don’t know if the next child will become grefier.
So, I hope you will discuss this question more carefully.Thank you.

Idk. Towns always die out even after hundreds of generations. I’ve never seen any town of big family having high tech like cars or radio, and I feel like only solo players build high tech in public server. It’s not easy working with random player since most of the time I’m looking for tools taken away by others. If I wanna play with others I would just go to servers with higher populations. I own a friends server but no co-owner to play with so I stay in eu2, where I know many other solo players to play together. We have our own walled towns and would spawn as each other’s kids to help out.


If you want to have a beautiful home on the public server, I can ring the bell for you, and I’d be happy to help you build a home like mine. When you accidentally die, I can ring the bell for you to go home. I just want you to know that single players are not ruthless.
When you are short of anything, I m willing to help you with anything but not radio,because I am still learning how to make it:wink:
I sooooooooo welcome my new neighbor to build a beautiful and warm home with me!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey Chris im from Germany and really thank u for everything <3 .I really love this game but I just want to say that such an Eve mechanism really needs you to carefully consider it later. The best example is the usbeginner server, which is usually more than 15 people and every Eve ,(every woman) will raising their bb(100%), but the end result is that no family can continue for twenty generations.(not even 10!)And I have never seen a family own a Car.
Here my story:My small town in eu2 was ruined by my own children (they were new players? Idk).Coz they never took care of berries. They ate all my foods and throw tools away or kill my sheep. i didn’t say anything about it,actually i haven’t even talked to them all the time, i was just focused on my car. but at last one girl said to everyone :“hey lets ban mum”. So —— i dead. I spent three days for this town and now? All the animals and berries are dead, I can’t even save my town coz i cant go back .I was very disappointed so I basically don’t raise any children anymore. I am really sorry for it but I have spent so much time and energy on it and I don’t want to be killed by my own children again.
now i am playing on my own private service, I have my own little paradise, but I will always miss my town in eu2. I think a server should not be “destroyed”by some new players(or griefer maybe idk. )Honestly, newcomers who can’t play they should go to the beginner server. (First make sure they cant kill anyone)
Or you can made a “high-level ”server for experts only. idk

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NOOOOOOO! If game is changed that eve have to raise the kids to the adult age, and the game will become worst. Firstly, eves can not make sure your next generations which are grefiers. Secondly, some eves will keep their babies compulsory, and they will lock babies until babies grow up, then they will kill their kids. Finally, players won’t conect high technologies in a big family.


@cristoffer i made another post for some of my sugestions for future eve spawning and a couple other things.

I think it is impossible to raise a baby that runs away.
The destroyer works to lose the prize.
There is no loss for those who have destroyed the family line.

Should I curse the fleeing baby if this proposal passes?


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@974975893 @WRY.A @GGAN66 @MY_BBY @Mandrake @paper
Thanks for your feedback!

I can see that I provided too little information regarding respawning, for anyone to understand the requirements for doing it. My mistake, which I have now rectified.

You all express concern about the requirement to raise children who may be griefers or suiciders, etc, but the requirements would not work the way you think. It’s not a Yes/No condition like the current Eve respawn logic and it is not vulnerable to actions by griefer children. (Well at least not that vulnerable)

So I have written much more about the underlying ideas here:

Hopefully this will avoid misunderstandings and we can discuss the pros and cons more effectively :slight_smile:

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@paper I quite agree with him!As Eve, you have no idea which of your children will become griefer.
My home used to be built by my children bit by bit, and I always be grateful to their hard work.Kind people make up the majority in the game. I feel very lucky to meet them.
Unfortunately, As long as a grifier appears,All the efforts of many lifetimes went to naught.The troublemakers are still at large. They can easily destroy other people’s achievements by changing an ID for a family.

And even more worrying for Eve was some children who came to resource-rich families.They will not cherish Eve’s work.They don’t work, they even make trouble.:confused:

Most people can’t understand, only Eve of the big family who raised children can understand such troubles.I’m afraid this situation will be common after implementation.
This is what really happened in my family, and it still makes me sad to see it now.:pensive:

that bb was me


如果你了解了新的点数重生的系统,你会发现它解决了很多你提到的问题,比如说之前无法追究破坏者,如果新系统施行,只要不埋葬他或者将他放逐,他将永远不能回到你的家族(从别的地方跑过来?如果你不敲钟的话这样的概率比较小),而且新规则能更加方便的重生,但是如果你一个孩子都不养,为了重生需要去别的地方获取点数(私人服务器更加方便,想要solo play总要有付出不是嘛)


这个游戏的核心是和其他人一起合作,如果只想solo play的话确实不如玩国服算了,在这里夏娃的需要不是被优先考虑的