Welcome to Valhalla

Welcome to Valhalla, my town which grew very big trough the help of alot people who joined. :slight_smile:


So ein schönes Dorf :hugs:!

Wer von euch war alles schon in Valhalla?
Who has been to Valhalla before?


Valhalla is a nice town!

Nami makes the best towns (communities) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, and every one that helped were nice too.


Ty! :heart::heart::heart: But it’s not me alone who built this. It can grow so fast because of the help of each person who joined us. I am just happy that so many people joined and play regularly there now. :slight_smile:


just had a wonderful life with my son named bebe. he was such a good help and we build walls together. :heart: thanks bebe for all you have done! i hope we see us again :hugs:

I want to go too. Which server is Valhalla on?

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Nice to see you Heidi. Valhalla is a lovely town!!


thanks for your help around town =) it was nice to meet you!

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Jugué el fin de semana y es el paraíso! Me gustaría volver… Puedo encontrar la ciudad de alguna forma?

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it’s hard to find the city. It’s so far away from the eve-spiral. maybe someone can help you to spawn there as a kid. and then leave a peace lily marker. with this marker you can spawn back by getting buried.

If you have discord, you could Tell there in the Chat when you are on. I can come on then so you can be born as my kid. :blush:

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Me he inscrito ahora :grin:

How do I get into the discord?

here is the link to the discord: https://discord.gg/HJe3qk6

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