What am I doing wrong?

I couldn’t find the post previously talking about this, so I had to ask…

Are these pics even sending?

Obv the second time would have locked them in the pen, but then I couldn’t get in…

But wtf did I do wrong in the last one?

EDIT: they posted in reverse chronological order.

Actually, I think I got it, though I’m pretty sure I was real stupid about the way I did it.

Blocking the corners so you can still get in is complicated. Animals cannot stand in the same space as a bush, but they CAN move in a straight line diagonally past one. (I think because animals always move a set number of spaces, and so essentially ignore the spaces they pass through unless the space contains a hard block.)

So when you put a bush in a corner, you need a hard blocking object (like those fences you used) in the one space diagonally past the bush. You added a bunch of things that are not helping, but also have one blocking fence in the space where it matters.

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Here’s the link to the conversation I had about this:


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah okay, see. Tysm for drawing it out.

No problem. It is always hard for me to visualize the grid, I have to drag my finger over the screen to see the green squares to really be sure I’m putting whatever in the right place.

I reaaaally feel this post so much :joy:took me forever to understand the pen and a friend drew so many pictures for me


White area wont work! But green area will work,. Tho if u use the boxes its a big chance that people will move it (( i myself have done that)) or if its a regular box that ppl will put a shaft to it and use it (( did that too )

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Yeah, I hear you on boxes. At the end of the thread I linked above there is a whole discussion on what works best. I’ve settled on torch bases (with at least one horizontal fence, which can be used for a horse and cart). Torch bases don’t block sight lines the way trees would, look nice, and are pretty complicated to move.

Can’t the sheep escape if it’s a shafted box? Someone shafted a box in my Lily village and all the sheep started running out, even though it wasn’t moved.

(Btw, the pics are from a private server so no risk of boxes being moved)

Also… I did it! Simple, but I’m pretty proud of myself.

Edited 1000x for typos

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Beautiful! Congrats!!!

And yes on boxes with a shaft…sledges, I think they are called. Add a shaft to any box and it will stop blocking.

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