What and where are Yum and Meh? Answers found here

Jason invented a yum and meh system on the food a player takes. I’d like to explain how it works to players who don’t know yet and show its visual presentation in the mobile version.

Basically the idea is to encourage player to take food as varying as possible. Everyone keeps a food chain on the server which records what foods one has taken in order. If you take a new kind of food which is not in the chain yet, it is considered to be a “yummy” food and gives you extra “yum bonus”. You can understand it as varying nutrition will do extra good to your health. This “yum bonus” serves as a second food bar. Your character consumes it first over the real food bar and as long as it is not empty your real food bar does not decrease.

If the food you take is already present in your food chain, it is considered “meh” and won’t give you any “yum bonus”. Your food chain also gets cleared and recount from this food. The longer your food chain is, which means you have taken more kinds of different food, the more yum bonus you can get from eating a different food. So eating a “meh” food not only gives zero bonus but also clear your bonus counter is something you’d better avoid.

From version v0.9.10 this system is visible to players in the mobile version. The “yum bonus” is shown in the form of +digit right next to the food bar.

This example shows I have one “yum bonus”.

The “yummy” or “meh” state of a food that we can take is displayed as an emoji icon in the information row next to the food name when you hold that food in hand.

When it’s yummy:

And when it’s meh:



このゲームの開発者ジェイソンは、食べ物のおいしい・おいしくない(yum and meh)システムを作りました。まだそのシステムをご存知ない方のために、モバイルバージョンではどのように働くかお見せしたいと思います。








Awesome ideas and great job translating!