What i hate about most players

Im building a super awesome town again all day i got people cloting and pressents from santa.

Started building a penn and bakary as usual till some player puts a lock on my box see pic and when i tell him he ■■■■■■ it all up i get cursed and some other noobs curse me aswell.

And why do all u people make ■■■■ like this its soo ugly and messy.

Last thing why does every play want to make 1000000 barrie boshes wtf

The origenal is 3/3 not this ■■■■.

This all happent when i was gone for like 30 min. This game angers mee so much. Please open the us servers and eu1 soo the idiots can play there byee all.


Q: Why do people make a million berry bushes?
A: Because they would starve without them.

I once got so angry not only at the fact that hardly anyone was working but that they were making my life, as a baker, more difficult. I don’t mind if people want to stand around and talk or goof off unless they’re in my way or interfering. I was about to commit suicide but instead I decided to pick all the berries, put them in bowls and hide them behind trees. I did this unnoticed and everyone with the exception of myself and 2 others starved to death while there were two baskets of pies at the baking station left untouched…

Q: Why is ■■■■ so ugly and messy?
A: Because they don’t care.

I have spent entire lifetimes cleaning and organizing villages. I often ask others to put things back where they belong. No one listens. No one cares. I think it’s beyond their comprehension. It requires thinking logically and common sense is not that common.


Yes u come play with me,
And making ■■■■ load of barries, dont make sense if u cant control them all.

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What server? I play in the us beginners servers primarily for the fact that there is no killing. Being murdered bothers me more than playing with noobs.

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Well itsmore easy to grieve if u cant get killed we play on eu cause there are no players normaly

Nice questions. However it would be a lot better of you removed the words sh*t from your post.

-xoxo, bluebird

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I understand. I don’t have a lot of instances of griefers. Mostly just players who are, imho, oblivious. I try to remain stoic but usually fail and tell them to ■■■■ off… lol. I wish they would take the time and make efforts towards learning; be it through observation or other available online sources (like for instance this message board, or the wiki page, YouTube, etc.) instead of wasting my time.

I’ve expressed this before, taken advice and applied it and I am actively trying to improve, but I often feel like there is not enough time in game to teach and give explanations simultaneously. It’s not enough to say do this not that without communicating why. One person can only do so much and you can only teach the willing. It’s definitely a challenge. But the most important lesson and what I consider most crucial is to be respectful of others experience, space and property; to behave accordingly and empatheticlly so that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy their life.

I haven’t experienced playing in a server with so few people before. I’m guessing it has it’s pros and cons. I have a toddler at home with me so my free time is varied and limited. I often get interrupted which can make me unreliable. This is also why I face extra frustrations because when I do have time to play I want to be productive. Nevertheless, you can let me know your availability and I’ll give it a chance.


Same here thats why i play on ipad

Im new here but i really like the game and i want to learn, if anyone wants to try to team up, i really wanted to make a organized and self suficient town