What’s the sillyist thing you’ve been cursed for

Since cursing is still a new feature thought I’d do a topic so people can share there stories of stupid things they have been cursed over
Mine has got to be I had a daughter and was only the two of us in the village at the time and she was very insistent on helping me smith even though there was 101 other things to do so insistent that she actually took the Tongs and stuff away from me so I watched her for a bit she kept dropping the tong switching it with other things and only managed one iron out of 3 so jokely I said too slow :wink: putting the winky face so she new I was joking and even said after I joke I got told to f*ck off cursed and she suicided didn’t relise that some people in the community could be so stiff :’)


Ain’t it swell! :roll_eyes:

Noob five year old in my Eve camp: I want a horsey!

Proceeds to make lasso.

Me: we cant afford a horse now, we have a long way to go before a horse

Noob toddler: FU curse


My god really :’) some people seriously :’) don’t even understand the game fully

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Min age limit for cursing coming in next update (this week)


Personally, after an experience yesterday, I’m Not so sure about this anymore. Twice i was born to an Eve who had spent her pre baby prep time making a bow and arrow. On first birth I arrived to see a bloody pile of bones with her holding a bloody bow, on cooldown. She lol’d and I cursed her then ran away to die not wanting to give her the satisfaction of murdering me. Viewing the family tree, she had murdered her other children and named herself “baby killer”.

Then again, I’ve been cursed by babies for no justifiable reason WAY more times than murdered by a psychopathic player so… yay to minimum age for cursing!


I’ve met the fu kid alot and the cent (e=u) kid alot. They both usually end up being fed to animals or commit suicide. Idk whats wrong with that kid and idc honestly lol.

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I do not agree with this. As stated in the post below yours. Babys DO need the ability to curse due to murderous mothers and kidnappers. My suggestion is that babys can only curse if you have been murdered or if you are picked up by someone who is not your mother.

Point taken. If it doesn’t work out well, we can try other ways.
In general though, a baby has not yet done any work that a griefer can destroy. It is reasonable to play a few minutes before you get to pass judgement on the actions of others. A mom abandoning a baby is not really a cursing offense. A mom killing a baby will have to be judged by the other players around. You only regenerate your token once per two hours of gameplay, so in general it’s a poor choice to waste it over things like that.

But as I said, let’s test this out and see the results.

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Think it’s a good idea tbf it would rarely happen that a baby would need to curse anyway tbh although you could get the problem of people killing kids cause they have no defence with a try hopefully the griefers wont abuse it

I had a further think about it and I thunk that, yes, an age limit for cursing is absolutely the right thing. I was hung up on the idea of having the same mechanism for cursing as in the desktop version, where you must type “curse you John Doe”. A baby, with limited speech capabilities, cannot curse anyone in the original version. The minimum age limit should be set at the age where someone would be able to type out the curse for the longest possible player name.

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“I am Eve abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzあいうえおかきくけこさしすせそたちつてとなにぬねのはひふへほまみむめもやゆよらりるれろわをん“

Good luck baby.