What's cooking in the developers' kitchen? / 開発チームは今何を?

The wheelbarrow is already pretty slow though. I can’t imagine trying to transport a giant pile of dirt using one.

Wow! @Christoffer listens to our suggestions again. Thats amazing! The game is going forward fast, i am sure we wil get more players. Sometimes i look onetech to look what OHOL is up to. But i see that all the updates are slowing down.

The wheel barrow is 75% movement speed but if you walk on roads it still receives the bonuse speed boost so its not to bad. Also lets say we make a quarry for mining mud to make brick roads.

  1. Make the quarry in the desert with plenty of sand dunes.
  2. You could mine the mud directly into the wheelbarrow.
  3. Once youve dug two or so pits you could grow rice in them so that you could convert them into staw for bricks.
  4. Make the bricks with the ingredients you have.
  5. Use the bricks to make a road to camp.
  6. Now theres a quarry for bricks and rice. Extra rice stalks could be used for basckets and compost.
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I think itd be cool if we could make compost in the wheelbarrows to. Moveable compost piles so that the person who makes compost can now move them to the areas needed. Or put soil into wheelbarrows from soil pits so that it can be brought back to town all at once.


It’s not the updates that are slowing down. It’s the tech tree that’s slowing down.

Oh man i was really hoping it would be purely aesthetic flooring. It’s very nice but wanted to see if we could have simple tiles to replace stone and wood flooring. Its always very hard to see seeds and skewers on the current regular floors. I think clay tiles with dye would be great for a black and white kitchen floor :heart_eyes:


I like the kitchen idea😁

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Hmm, maybe the natural bricks could be used for roads (speed bonus), and the painted ones for decorative flooring (little or no speed bonus). I have about one day to mull this over before I must decide…

I just want to make sure I understand correctly, when you say speed bonus, do you mean auto run and increased speed or just increased speed? I wanted to be able to walk on a tile and not go into auto run. My favorite tiles are the flat stones but cant use them for too many applications other than roads to travel.

What about brick walls? Maybe they could also have some kind of benefit?






I want the character to add emotions such as emotions.

The character has no expression and is scared, and it is difficult to persuade the other person only with words.

If you play completely without a change in expression, I will get tired of being honest.

I am getting bored to play now!!




Played a life again after a month and very happy with the new recent changes, it got me back motivated to play on a daily basis. Great work to everyone whos involved making this game awesome :clap:


Next release… Body Language :sunglasses:


Maybe there should be some default emotes/dances? Maybe you could have the choice of choosing a song (or no song) from your iTunes library/ Music.

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You can have my awesome air guitar pose, Wumbo. You’ll have to make your own sounds though :smile:

omg, that’s interesting hahahahaha, it will be fun to play with the body language :joy::joy::joy: have to do jumping Jacks in game :joy:

Oh man this update is going to get me to donkey town for sure :smirk:


Oh wow, thats well thought! You guys are coming with great updates, and this is probaly one of my favorites so far!

This is cooking…