Where did Mom go?

I was born to a single mom in the forest. All we had was each other, but we managed to create a small camp with a little of everything.

I was out to snare rabbits, but when I came back Mom was nowhere to be found. I searched, but in vain. Without Mom or children, there was no future for our camp.

Hope we meet in the next life, Mom…


I cri everitum

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Son, im sorry, i went searching for straw and found no food on my travels. I sadly starved and doomed our camp and you. Im sorry. R.I.P

I also cri everitum


It was fun while it lasted. We’ll make it to third generation next time :smile:

Same thing happened to me. I was born miles from a new started camp (only home marker and pieces of things). Mom said to me to go north and I did. I though she would come someday. But she was breeding in the same area when I visit. On the second visit, I found her sceleton and other siblings. At that moment, I feel so empty. I build the camp for her and my bros/sists. But it was for nothing. Why, mom? It hurts… lol

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You should’ve brought some food.