Why always me become the last one?

This already a 4 times I’m become the only one who lived in a dead town. We don’t have heritage so the town die. I always become the only one who stands out. Mostly because i want to die old in here while the other decided to suicide. I’m hoping i can spawned near this place again (which never happened).

But anyway, i took my lonely time to make couple things i never try before. Like, dying sweater. Or kill the horse with rattle snakes and took the horse’s blood to make anti-venom.

I also makes papper and named the city. Usually i didn’t named it myself, i asked other for opinion. The town name is “POND TOWN” named after the eve who found it. It’s in Singapore server. And uf you found this town back to live again, please tell me.


I started this town!!! I am Eve Pond. Yay. And I was watching you do those things haha. Thank you. I was so lucky to respawn there 5 times and keep the family going. I stopped when the town got crowded and there were many babies. So happy watching many unrelated people all work together as a big family.

We started off with me and 2 loving sons timmy and tommy (2 marked graves next to sheep pen). I said we didnt have girls and they can leave if they want, but they said they didnt want me to be lonely. :’) They contributed the most when the town was still tiny. One of them brought all the iron that the town used until the end.

I might try to respawn there again later at a time when no one is playing. At this time, there are a lot of trolls playing.

We were so lucky to not have griefers. I made sure knife was always in good hands and only had 1 accidental murder. Loved everyone in this town, so helpful, nice and made so many awesome things for the town. Zero trolls, it was one of my best families ever.

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I hope we can go back there. I love that town.

Sounds like an awesome town!

Born into two different eve lives here. Was truly a great place.

I’m back again. But you neglected me :cry:

sorry… we had a griefer, hence u see all the sheep are dead. this was a skilled griefer and we wanted to stop having babies in case he came back to grief again ): also we had to clean up the mess he made. (thanks @kaybro the hero for killing him and for all the help)

That’s okay. How can you be eve at the same place so often? @Mei_65

i use the eve respawn mechanic whenever the family dies out

How’s that thing work?

No problem! I’m glad I could help. It was really a shame, the village was doing so well before that guy. It’s almost ironic how earlier in this post you’d said about there being no trolls, then a bad one comes along. Talk about a jinx :sweat_smile:. Anyways, I hope you decide to respawn eventually. It’s a p cool place to be