Why are there so many suggestion?

Why are there so many ideas to content when there’s a small group of devs who update the game, not to mention that there making a sequel to this game.

What do you mean? Why do people keep suggesting? Or why are there more updates to suggestions? Or why don’t the number of suggestions match the number of updates or devs?


Those questions don’t have the same meaning, I provided why I asked, read my question, your just saying things.

No need to be rude. I was asking to specify your question.


You do understand this website is literally a forum for people to ask things right…?


Doesn’t mean they can move onto asking or suggesting onto some thing that matter more.

By that, I mean the sequel, I mentioned it, you should be able to evaluate my sentence and maybe figure it out. Just read it you will get it.

If I payed for this game I am able to ask for updates on it. Tbh a lot of people are mad about the sequel because before it came we were asking for updates on the game we already PAID for and the dev basically said “yeah…well put that in our new game so u have to spend more money”. This game deserves updates too. And until the dev says they aren’t going to update it more than people can ask for them. So again, it’s none of your business what people ask for. It’s a forum and anyone is allowed to ask what they want (without being rude to others I guess)

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Hi, I understand your frustration. As someone that started as a player myself there’s so many things I wish we could put in the game (That’s why I joined the team). There’s many good ideas we would love to put in You Are Hope that are simply not able to be done without months of trying to get it to work (The dog update took half a year if I remember correctly). This has to do with the fundamentals of what the base code supports. That’s why a lot of Ideas will end up in the new game instead. We wish to deliver the game everyone wishes to exist.

Unfortunately development is expensive so yes a new game will cost money.

We will still be updating YAH, it’s summer in Sweden, by law workers have to have vacations. That’s why updates are slower in the summer.


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