Why do Chinese people go to foreign servers?

Why do Chinese people go to foreign servers when there are Chinese servers available?I have noticed recently that there are a lot of Chinese people living in places other than the Chinese server, so I would like to ask.

  1. Why do you go to a foreign server where you don’t speak the language? If we speak different languages, we won’t be able to communicate with each other and I think it will be unnecessarily tiring.Also, if you are going to a server where you don’t speak the language, why don’t you use a translator? It’s the people on the server who are suffering because of the language difference.What do you think about those people?

  2. Why don’t you use birth control?Contraception means that children will not be born and no children will be abandoned.I think this is a win-win for both parties.

  3. Why do we say “埋” right after we are born?Is it because they want to revive their own village?Some people on that server may be wondering if it will be reborn in their village.Others may not want to give their efforts to people who are not working for the village.

Of course, there are Chinese people to whom these categories do not apply and non-Chinese people to whom they do apply.Your opinion will be appreciated.

Also, since these sentences were translated using a machine, I apologize if some parts are difficult to understand.


The first point: because some of the Chinese players are very bad, tearing down other people’s villages everywhere, so the people on the Chinese server do not raise children, and do not allow children to go out from their village to build a village, they do not want someone to build a new village near their home, resulting in many new Chinese players can not live on the Chinese server, can only be forced to go to the foreign server to play.
Do not use a translator because the Japanese characters can not be read and recognized, relying on their own input in the translation software is very difficult, so real-time translation is difficult. But most Chinese can speak English and are willing to communicate with you.
Second point: No contraception is really very wrong, some players consider that there will be wild Eve at home when contraception, so some people will not contraception.
Third point: Chinese people say “埋” when they are born because Chinese people usually build the same village by themselves or with their friends, they will be reborn in this village after they die, and then continue to build this village, so when Chinese people accidentally die but do not reborn back to their own village, they will throw them to other places, and hope that others can bury them after they die. So they can go back to their villages and build. So these Chinese people will say “埋” when they are born. Chinese people do not want to occupy Japanese villages. Chinese people have their own villages, and Chinese people want to go back to their villages! ! !
Fourth point: the Chinese will not expel the Japanese who do not demolish their homes, if you are a Japanese reincarnated in a Chinese village, please do not leave a lily home mark in the Chinese village, otherwise the Chinese will think that you want to occupy the Chinese village, and will call people to expel you.
Fifth: The Japanese go to the Chinese village do not take the Chinese tools to leave the Chinese village, if you do, the Chinese will think you are a thief, and will expel you.
Number six: Recently, many people who speak both Chinese and Japanese went to the Chinese village to demolish their homes. We have been discussing whether these people are Japanese or Chinese. We hope that everyone can play the game happily and resolutely resist the bad behavior of demolishing the village.
Also, since these sentences were translated by a machine, I apologize if some parts were difficult to understand.



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I know I play on both Japanese and Chinese servers sometimes and I speak English. It is interesting to see how other people make towns and the creative things they do with the game. Also, there are more players on the Chinese server. When Chinese or Japanese come to the American server, I welcome them, but I have seen blatant hostility towards Chinese players “you have your own server- go play on the Chinese server.” That seems insular to me. However, It is frustrating to be killed as an infant again and again on the Chinese server.