Why don't i get news on this topic?

Why this topic"constuction Site EN No child Server"dont Pop Up in my list?its Hidden since days. I ve to extra search for it,to See If there are new comments. And ve to search it either from old Messages or Type it extra in’search’ -because its Not on any Frontpage list… Is it the same with you?

Oh I don’t know. I didn’t change anything in this topic. Maybe bookmark it?

When it’s not on top anymore I just go to life stories English to find this topic

thats weird. for me it’s always at the top, if someone posted something.

Don’t you even see a blue-circle mark with ur icon on the top right of your page?

If its on my post (answering my Post or some ‘like’)i See at my Page top right. But for example the Post 2days ago i didnt. also Not Like Heidi Van Bergen says, its Not on top with Mine. Just found it by searching today. Mmh. :frowning:

I i Made a Bookmark now on the First Post. So far it Pops Up now somewhere at the "top"list. Let’s See If this workes now

You need to be “watching” the topic. :sweat_smile:


Ok ,the topic was on mute :flushed: (may i accidentally chlicked it without notice it).

Thanks !

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