Why do snowballs kill? I was reading posts and it said hitting a person 3 times with a snowball can kill them…
Is this true? Why?
I used to have snowball fights with family and friends all the time when young. Nobody ever got hurt, some of the more competitive got upset, but that just meant the game would be played again later.

I like the idea of the partial snow men for the animal pens… :snowman_with_snow:

I think a snowball toss would be fun, but won’t even try it now on the game as I don’t want to kill anyone. :snowflake:

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No, it’s not true, but it used to be possible to kill someone with 4 snowballs. Not anymore though, we have removed that “feature” recently.
Feel free to have a snowball fight. Just don’t starve because of the cold…


Thanks! :snowboarder: