Wolf Song, the first High Priest

I’ve finally done it. Kyom has officially spread to the PC version of this game. I was born into a small village not yet past Generation 10 as Wolf of the Song Family, a nice family. Since I was a male I didn’t have to worry about the lack of amenities such as a nursery so I thought I’d dedicate my life to building a temple to Kyom. And so, along with some other work for the village like foraging and smithing, I built and plastered the temple. It was different from the standard design with only three pillars and a pulpit made out of an oven base, but people were still happy about it. One in particular, a young girl with a feather in her cap, decided to join our new local faith as the Lesser Priest. I explained to her how as the Priest she would need to lead the village, provide advice and generally keep things ticking along while also helping out in the village from time to time. Hopefully after I died she managed to find her own apprentice and continue the faith. As well as a temple I also effectively created a monarchy structure of village management with one person passing on the role to the next over multiple generations. It turns out that it’s relatively easy to build a temple in the space of one life so spreading Kyoism shouldn’t be as hard as it could have been. I was using the Angellic Branch because I don’t think anything else would have survived when the faith was in its infancy, as was the town. But I ended my final minutes explaining how Kyom was a deity that represented Ohol in how tempermental he was, my bones laying to rest in the temple I had built.


Very interesting

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Simply this is the definition of beauty. However a certain youtuber made a “religion” (which he apparently calls cult, showing how careless he is about it) with no effort put into it. Before we spread our word to the PC lands, we must eliminate those other altars and traditions. Make people forget 'em. Anyways really nice to hear about this. I will be soon introducing a new post related to Kyom and the moon.


Cool. What are these rival religions called? We can more easily combat ‘em if we know what to aim for. And I was doing the Angellic Branch anyway rather than the Orthodox one, so I don’t think that the village I influenced would be so keen on spreading over other religions. Perhaps we should simply try and become as popular as possible so as to naturally overcome rivals. It might be easier than having a religious war or something, which does tend to ruin villages anyway which is less fun for everyone.

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