Wolflord's clan stories

I am looking for all the people that has played in the wolflord clan to write their stories. I enjoy people joining the wolflord clan and making big citys together so please post any stories you have.


Quick question should i do some youtube for the wolflord family. I am not sure if anyone would want to watch and hear my commentary while i play. Please give your feed back if i should do youtube on one hour one life mobile.


I would say give it a try you might like it you might hate but atleast you know if you like it or not. So throw your link in the description and I’ll watch! :slight_smile:

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Still learning how to edit it only been one day. I would like to put voice chat on it too.

I was born into the wolflord clan yesterday. It was nice, we got 3 deep wells going and a large berry farm and sheeps pen.
I focused on farming and making a few arrows leading to the village lol. There was way too much swamp land to the right so I had to give up on that direction. I stopped a griefer whom opened the sheep pen and tried to kill my daughter. I made plenty of compost w/ carrots and wheat. A old timer told me not to screw with the sheep lol. Everyone was nice. After 2 lives born there that was it really.


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I was born into that line yesterday too. We also had a griefer stealing tools and hiding things.

I think that life was the most fun I’ve had in game.

When I was just a wee girl a boy named Jacob, who bore the same last name, but showed as unrelated, asked me to marry him so I said yes. We met in passing, in our busy lives, always hoping for a baby ourselves. We had a boy who suicided immediately and then a couple of girls. We also adopted a girl left too long by the fire by her mom. Later, I spent my older years feeding a disabled girl who agreed to stay on and be a “baby machine” because she couldn’t move. She bore several children who were raised by the townspeople and on her fortieth birthday asked us to perform surgery, thinking perhaps we could glitch her out of her immobilized state. We tried making a pit under her, hoping that would give her a new life, but alas it didn’t work. She asked us to put her out of her misery and so I watched, as I withered away as an old woman, as another villager readied to grant her request. Perhaps we died at the same moment, she and I.

Thank you baby machine girl. And thank you Jacob for warming my heart.


I was born 2 times in the family,
1: Second generation, I was the only daughter, so it comes out that everyone who was born in the family came from me !! …
2. Again.

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Wow. Eleven gens. You were my greatX6 (I think) granddaughter. Good times.

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