Wonder Wo Man's son Super Man. I Survived till 59yrs old on my second ever run

My poor mother, the amazing Wonder Wo Man was overwhelmed with two more unplanned babies after I turned almost 10. Overwhelmed and stressed trying to gather items and feed the two while I went wandering out in the forest to salvage some milkweed, it wasn’t long before I stumbled across remains of who I presumed to be my mother as there was a sharp rock next her lifeless body, and she and the other were know here to be seen.
I now know my two younger brothers died, one not even named and the other still a child, but I carried on none the less now closing in on adulthood.
I stayed in my home site where my mother beared me trying as best I could to gather resources. I managed to make a bow to make a fire, a bow and arrow with arrow tip to hunt the nearby horse and rams, but still needed many more arrows, without any help it was all too overbearing but managed to utilize the hoe and axe my mother had made before her passing to sow the land.
I Managed to get two bundles of rabbit fur with my lucky abundance of milkweed plants in hope to make a backpack with but only managed to get half way and was hoping to get the fire going and cook the rabbit meat up.
The area I made home was abundant with wildlife and as much food as you could imagine, to the south of me I had clay mounds to the south east I had plenty of hay to make baskets/bowls out of, to the east milkweed and berries everywhere, to the west desert with a horse, and birth snow with penguins, further south there were plentiful rabbits and ducks. It was all so perfect.
But sadly on my hunt for more milkweed I passed away at 59 with my fumbling feeble aged hands I struggled to grasp the last berry in the nearby berry bush. And my little home is lost to the next passer by.
I hope if anyone is to find my little camp, treat it nice and finish what my family couldn’t. I’ll be on the hunt for it in another life to continue what my mother gave birth to me to do!
(And to be honest it was a prime location :wink: this game is great!)


That’s, a lot of text…

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