WumboJumbo Bergen - A Life Story

This life story is kinda short, mainly because I didn’t do anything major (and I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to accomplish before dying).

Heidi_van_Bergen, is that you?

When I first spawned in YouKio City (I think it was in fact YouKio City), I noticed that my mother’s last name was Bergen. Letter after letter, I tried telling her that I was @WumboJumbo, from the OHOL forum. She eventually understood what I was saying, and I became a berry farmer for a bit, tending to the bushes and all.

Kking, is that you?

My mother had another kid, who we not much later, found out was @Kking. It felt like a reunion, of some sorts, except it wasn’t a reunion. Bergen did her thing, while Kking did his thing, and my goal was to turn one of the shallow wells into a deep well.

Furry brown trouble

By the time I had made a fence kit, I realized that there was not a single bow saw (so I could make a wooden disk [or is it disc]) in YouKio City. As I was searching for a bow saw, I had an encounter with a very, very angry bear. I tried to run as fast as possible from it, thinking that it wouldn’t be fast enough to catch up, but it managed to follow me back to YouKio City. It killed three innocent people.

One of which was me…

Images taken during the life (not in video form and in way better quality now)



it was nice to be there with you wumbojumbo :hugs:! it was so funny to meet you and kking at the same time. thanks for the help with the farm! those bears are my personal enemy. next time we need a bow. we lost the youkio city because of bears. and now this new city has also a bear :sob:. when i go back i will try to kill the bear. wish me luck :blush: see you next time

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I will!

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Is it a coincidence that I keep meeting forum members randomly in-game? I just found @J0aoPestana and his little camp by quite literally going north, (and it wasn’t very far from where I had spawned).

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When i play the game i usually stay here for a while

Eve spawns are placed in an expanding spiral so when you spawn as an Eve you could easily find a bunch of other Eves not far from you

I hope we can do that again but i loved ur bear profile, :frowning:

Eh, I felt like changing it when you mentioned my profile picture.

I died from the bear but i lead it out of the town

I saw.

When can we play again on europe 2

Lol i think im in ur new profile pic

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You are.

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Wumbo jumbo Sorry mate…i had to leave my beloved town because of my battery, it reached 0% and was overheating cause i play while its charging but with this game u just cant do that…it was the further i could go on a town…we had the best spot omg :frowning:

I died, thinking I would respawn back as an Eve.

It didn’t work, even though it should’ve.

Lol i guess you dont understand how it works, you were my born son, so it didnt worked…you can only reborn as a eve if you die of old age while being an eve

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I could’ve sworn that used to work.