Big things will be revealed soon

Which platforms are you interested in beta testing on? The beta periods may differ, you see…


A whole new game on mobile devices and computers? :smiley:

I must’ve predicted the future (unless I’m actually just totally wrong)! :joy:

You Are Hope 2? You Are Hope 2.0? You Are Hope: A New Hope?

Sorry, it is just that I’m really ecstatic about this revelation! I hope you understand.

I would very much be willing to beta test on all platforms. :sweat_smile:

Is the new game still a fork of OHOL? Was it coded from scratch? How long did it take? When did you start making it? What is going to happen to the original You Are Hope game? Will it be shutdown or become unsupported? Is that why the development team has been silent for a while on social media and in terms of game updates? If so, I can empathize with you. :heart:

Aaaaaaaaaa! So many questions! So much curiosity! :joy:


Looks like we need a Q&A about what’s going on :joy: I am curious as well


Yes please!! Or else I think I’m going to go crazy nuts in terms of curiosity and unanswered questions!!! :laughing:

Part of me wishes that this is an Apple Arcade game. I already have a subscription to that service.

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I can beta test on Android! :heart_eyes:


As you know i was a beta tester on mobile (Ipad)
I can still do this! I also own a computer, (Windows) and i could totally beta test there if needed ;3


I could beta test on android


Ios (ipad) and macbookpro here!


I could easily beta test for all platforms, although it’d be a blessing if the game is on the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store, as that would make my beta testing process so much easier. :sweat_smile:

Itd be an even bigger blessing if the game ends up being a UWP game for the PC port, along with it being a Catalyst game for the Mac port. Just my two cents though (and lots of anticipation).



I’m interested in beta testing!
You can join on iOS and Windows🥰


As you may have guessed, this is not You are Hope, but a new game that we are working on. It will be released in 2021 on PC, iOS and Android. We will release more detailed info soon.


I’d also be open for beta testing on Android if you need people


Is it a successor to You Are Hope (or is it a whole new franchise)?

Is there no Mac version of the game? Is a port still in the realm of possibility?

I’d love it if you were able to do a Q&A. That’d be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Sign me up for beta testing on iOS :innocent:

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@Christoffer Please sign me up for beta on Android! :star_struck:

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Inscribe me for the beta!!

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Also im wondering what the babies would look like omggg!

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Yo Christopher, since in the regular you are hope there are no maps and we just discovered writing, I think y’all should implement maps, but since it could be so useful it should be kinda expensive to make. And I think the game should be called you are hope: new beginnings or you are hope: a new hop. Those are my best options for the name. And sry for the long reply, but one more thing, is the biome generation continental or a Hugh archipelago.
Game looks awesome btw, 100/10