Darn Griefers!

I spawned into this little town on the US no children server, I’m guessing it was done by griefers. I spent most of that life picking up here and there and farming, hopefully I will get reborn there. I doubt it though…

Poor sheep…:worried:
Ps…I didn’t build this town nor do I know who did, I just thought I’d let yall know that.


Is this the north west town with the two bell tower next to each other on a little island?

Yes, you know the place?

Yea… @Maengish and I basically build this town a while ago. I don’t know tho if in the meanwhile someone else added some structures. But we made the houses, the pens, the island, the farm, etc… but it’s a town for everyone so I expected someone to grief it at some point. It’s sad nevertheless :frowning: But it was a lot of fun to build it together with Heidi anyways


nice too see its still there :heart_eyes:. it was fun to build it with you @Katjes

yeah i thought at one point it will get griefed. but actually some players already helped to rebuild it :slight_smile:.

@KrissieKat thanks for your help to rebuild :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, it’s very upsetting. As I mentioned in the post I’d gladly help fix it if I ever get reborn there, I mostly farm, make fence, clean, or make boxes!


the spawns changed to this place about 2-3 days ago. the spawns should be there for the next 27 days :blush:

@KrissieKat feel free to build anything you want


I’m pretty sure that town was just naturally abandoned and it didn’t pass the test of time. The last time I checked it, it was a dilapidated ghost town.

It did not pass the vibe check.

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