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Ok so I have been playin for awhile and have some general questions. (I have done most my research by searching “One hour one life” because info on “you are hope” is quite limited.)

  1. Do all things work the same on you are hope as they do on 1H1L?

  2. People that have played both. Which is better? Pros/cons of each?

  3. Is staking a berry bush just used for removing said bush? Or is there an additional use? I thought I read that it will make the berry bush stop dying?

  4. What are dogs useful for? Iv only tried it once and the dog just ran away. Why arnt there cats? :sob:

  5. What is the most complicated food item to make? I feel like Iv made everything.

  6. Is there a use for dirty filter paper?

  7. How do you make candles and what is the purpose of them?

  8. I have seen water cysteine’s on some forums. What are they? Can they be used on you are hope? What is the purpose?

  9. I’m confused by rice. Is there a way to get a new seed from a spouting plant? What can I make with rice beside those rice balls on a leaf?

  10. While playing solo my whole end goal was to make a car. I did that…… is there anything more challenging?

  11. Where should I build so I’m not constantly cold? The only places I seem to be in the green is the desert… and I obviously can’t set up shop there.

  12. Speaking of being cold even when I’m on the grassy area fully clothed it still says I’m cold. Is there a difference in what clothes you wear warmth wise? Anytips?

  13. So I know horse carts can have two different types of wheels. What’s the advantage of having the bigger ones? I don’t see the difference.

  14. What is the easiest was to find one of those traders? I have all this gold and can’t find any… but I’m wondering if they can give me something I don’t have already…

  15. No bananas eventually grow back? Does soil, sand and water refill?

  16. Is there any way to get horses to stop running away other than clipping it on a fence?

  17. Any uses for roses besides fish hooks, flower baskets and bouquets?

  18. Is there any benefit with enclosing areas with walls? I only just use flooring.

I know this is a super super long list but these are still things that bug me every time I play. Please feel free to only answer a few. Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance <3

Place the horse in small biomese, they will run only in that small place (unless there’s similar small biomese nearby, then they’ll jump between each) . Or place them far away from your screen or other player’s screen. When they out of screen, the timer usually stop and they will stay in their place.


Wild banana can’t grow back. But we can plant new banana. Use clippers to get the banana samplings and plant them back in our home. Soil can’t refill, but water does (it takes hours tho)


So we have temperatures in our body. If we’re too hot or too cold, we becomes hungry faster. Clothes makes us warm thus slower hunger. Wall trapped heat from fire, so it’s good to have them.

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1 here is a link about the difference between ohol and yah:

2 here is a link pros/cons of ohol and yah:

3 stakes on berry bushes are only for removing them. they dont die, if you remove all the berries. once you need berries, use soil on them to get new berries.

4 here is a guide for dogs. they have differnt abilities:
i like the schnauzer dog. you can hunt for treasures in the gray biome (with the wolfs and bears).

5 here is a link to all the foods in YAH:

7 candles can be made from milkweed string and oil from that one tree. you can use canled to make a christmas tree. once you have a christmas tree you get presents.

9 beside onigiri you can also make a rice dish with broth, meat and eggs.

13 the bigger wheels are needed, so you can carry 6 objects in your cart. small wheels support only 4 objects.

14 Amalon the trader is found in the desert. she can provide you with curry powder and vinegar. she takes gold nuggets and gold bars. she also can spawn in a christmas present.

15 bananas can be planted but dont regrow. soil, sand and water from ponds don’t refill. water can refill a bit, when you don’t empty it out. but it is easier to make a well.

16 for horses you can make a pen or put them on a small biome. they are restricted to the biome they are in. they can’t go to another biome.

17 with roses you can make the basket. fill it with easter eggs. give it to the trader and get a easter bunny hat.

18 i see no benefit to enclosing areas with walls but others do.

This is amazing! Will be trying this asap! Thank you!

Oh okay okay that’s good to know. It will take water but not soil. Got it! Thank you so much

Thank you so much for all that info! I’m most intrigued about this Christmas tree :thinking: tons of good info and links. THANK YOU

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Just a fill-in candles and some paint are used for a birthday cake.

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For me it’s bear soup. We need a container full of potatoes and container full of carrots. The carrots isn’t the problem, but the potatoes is. we need shovel to harvest them.

But I guess food with multiple step to makes can be considered hard. That was probably birthday cake. We need to makes candle and that’s not an easy one either.


I’ll have to try the bear soup! Iv already made the cake but have you to try and make candles

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  1. Is there a use for dirty filter paper?

None that I have ever seen.

  1. How do you make candles?

I believe they are made from melted beeswax, not palm oil. You need to dip a single thread in the wax over and over, waiting for it to dry in between each dip.

  1. I have seen water cysteine’s on some forums. What are they?

A cistern holds 10 buckets of water. It is useful to set one up near a farm or smithy that is not already close to a well. You also use them to plant Peace Lily shrines, which prevent player killing within a certain area.

  1. I’m confused by rice. Is there a way to get a new seed from a spouting plant?

The sprouting plant is all you need to grow more rice, so a new seed is not needed. Just plant it in the water filled ditch and two new rice plants will grow.

  1. While playing solo my whole end goal was to make a car. I did that…… is there anything more challenging?

I think a radio receiver is the most complex single item in YAH. You could also make a rail car route…I have thought about trying that between my mine and my main camp.

  1. Where should I build so I’m not constantly cold?
  2. Is there a difference in what clothes you wear warmth wise? Anytips?

Using rugs…sheepskin or bearskin…adds to the warmth of a floor. I use these in places I do a lot of work, like the kitchen. Shoes also help, but you have to keep remaking them so this is not that helpful unless you are surrounded with rabbits like I am. The warmest coat I have is the Santa coat that Santa gave me last Christmas.

  1. Does soil, sand and water refill?

As mentioned, water from ponds and wells does refill, but very, very slowly.

Soil does not refill, but remember you can pull out all the worms from a completely emptied soil patch, then dig it with a shovel and get 4-5 more baskets of soil out of it. When it empties this time it becomes a clay pit.

I have found that sand DOES refill, but you need to leave one bowl of sand undug. There is a spot near me that has three sand pits, and I keep them going by never completely emptying any one of them.

  1. Is there any benefit with enclosing areas with walls?

People do this because you can then lock the door and no one (who cannot find the key) can get in to the room. Useful I suppose in busy towns where you want to have some personal stuff. Griefers, of course, always find a way, but general players will leave a locked space alone.

Have fun playing!!


Thank you soooo much! If you get a chance can you go into a bit more detail about 8 and 9?

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Sure! Here is the story of rice:

To farm rice, you need to save some of the unpeeled (brown) rice in a bowl.

Add a bowl of water to it, and you’ll have soaking rice.

Wait a while and eventually the rice in the bowl will sprout.

Dump (swipe) the sprouted rice into the water filled ditch and you get baby rice plants!

Over time, they will grow into mature rice!

So from one bowl of rice, you can grow four bowls worth! Just keep one to replant and peel/cook the rest.

Here is what a cistern looks like. To make it you need a bowl of plaster and a pile of 10 stones, I think.

You can fill it with 10 buckets of water. This is a way of storing water far away from a well.

You can also plant a Peace Lily seed in a bowl of soil, then add that bowl to an empty cistern. Water it, and a three-flower Peace Lily will grow. (Sorry, I don’t have a pic because I could not find a seed!)

While this special lily is alive, No characters can be killed within I think 100 squares of it. It does need to be watered every now and then, though, or it will die.

Hope this helps!


You are such a gem!!! That definitely clears it up. Thank you soooo much :heart:


I am always happy to help! We all have questions sometimes!!!

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