How to breed Dogs

Chart of the dog family tree

To get all the dogs you need lots of raw mutton and carnitas.

Raw mutton you get from sheeps.
Carnitas you get from boars / pigs.


Start by taming a wolf with raw mutton.
It will follow you around and will have puppies after a few seconds.
Attention: wolfs are still dangerous.

Breed the Dogs
Take a puppy and feed it with carnitas first.
When it gets older feed it raw mutton.


Protection against harmful animals

Loyal when fed with cooked goose on skewer

Loyal when fed with cooked fish

Loyal when fed with cooked mutton

Rabbit Hunting

Loyal when fed with cooked rabbit

Killing Snakes

Loyal when fed with baked bread

Treasure Hunt

Loyal when fed with egg halves


I recommended to breed schnauzer, beagle and pitbull.

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I never used dogs for treasure hunting, somebody knows what you can find?

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Take the dog to the badlands where you find blueberries.
Then you have the command option for the treasure hunt.
You can find tool heads, kaolin, iron and gold veins.
But sometimes its just useless stuff :wink: and you need some luck.
Don’t forget to take a shovel with you.

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Sometimes you find paint material, sometimes head of an axe, sometimes just one old boot that we usually find when fishing, or sometimes a rare item that we normally never make

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I usually bring food with me and feed the dog when they’re hungry. After all my food is gone, I go home and bring shovel and basket.

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After my dog retrieved items 4 times, the option for it disappeared… is this intended or is it a bug?

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i guess your dog ran out of food.

I did feed him , and he was at 20/20 energy… :frowning:

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im not quite sure how close you have to be to blueberries so you get the command option. it’s weird the command wasn’t showing.

I was in the blueberry patch, everything went well, used the command 4 times, making sure i feed my dog everytime he did the thing, but at the 4th time, he kind of glitched and started running at 4-5 different berry patches and then he did not have the command again even tho i fed him again… perhaps going for many bushes at once broke his poor ai? Idk :c

Thank you so much, this post helped me out a bunch :smile: a downside of digging for treasures is, that the blueberry bushes doesn’t grow back :frowning: :disappointed_relieved:


Can someone check if you can feed the collie a cooked goose? I tried feeding a cooked goose to the collie puppy but it doesn’t eat it. I tried a domestic and wild cooked goose and even tried to see if it would eat it raw but no dice. Thank you!


sorry i wasn‘t specific enough. so it‘s cooked goose on a skewer. it dosen’t matter, if it‘s the wild canada goose or domestic goose. i just changed it in my first post. thank you for pointing that out.

i don’t know if it makes a difference if you take the collie puppy from a semi-tame wolf mom or a collie mom. i raised collie puppies from collie moms.