(Split topic) Conversation not directly related to new proposed mechanic

I mean not the ‘name’ but the ‘player’, as i remembered each player could be a obj in the code?

That’s true, if the griefers are too ambitious to destroy, they could make up the tools by themselves.

How to figure out if your children want to use the tools

Then pass the authority to whom you trust. Of course, 100% Utopia seems impossible in both this game and our society.

Exactly,but with the passage of time, the problem will be solved naturally, because everyone will know a little griefers(by FUN).
And…here’s another question,how to get through this transition.Oops, I never thought about it,thank :joy:

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Did you mean there’s no one on your family tree but you?If so, it’s handled the same way, reborn where you died, but without the condition of a three-year-old.

I think theyre talking about the recently added mechanic where if bones are burried you can respawn at your homemarker.

Im assuming they play on one of the three low pop servers like us1 eu2 or singapore.

Wait a minute, if he’s not talking about my mechanics, why is his post here?

I’m also wondering why my proposal on prevent griefers is removed :joy:

Let me get this straight.
Only eve could see the FUN? And if we build an altar from eve bones, we could see FUN too?

you need put some food at the altar,and burn it,here I want to introduce a tagging system,hhis allows you to tag up to five people.And then you pick a person that you’ve tagged.Here’s more information.7CA27F68-B216-4A3E-8170-C9E3451FB3A4

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@schaimarch @Transpare
Its cus chrisstopher asked for the post to stay strictly for the mechanic he proposed so i took it upon myself to creat this topic to move all the posts not relating to the delay mechanics or offering to play test it

It is suggested that only those who participate in the production of any object can destroy or dismantle

I dont think that would work. A player with bad intentions could create a wall or box in front of key locations like doors. If other players couldnt remove them then it would be really griefable.

Heres a link to transpares original topic for the alter if anybodys interested.

Actually, my focus is on FUN,alter is the solution(FUN originated from Shnapper’s posts, someone think it shouldn’t be the first name) let eve reborn at alter is just an additional feature :joy:

I love to bear hunt. It’s fun and challenging and I love bringing the skins back home, or to specific people, or my kids. I just step on stuff to avoid dying. It makes me feel good too, to see how many bears I killed and to bring home the skins which the family can make into clothing. But if this helps, I only release one bear at a time and kill the one bear before getting another bear out. It’s dangerous enough with one bear out and you can lose the bear when you have to quickly eat and come back. And leaving the bear and coming back is very dangerous cause it can pop out of no where and come from a direction it wasn’t before and bite you.

But with you being slow af and not able to let go of bow and arrow it makes it obvious you’re the killer and not to mention with the slowness it makes it SUPER hard to get away. You said you support greifers, but you’re trying to make it harder than it already is on them and it’s already SUPER hard to murder with being slow af and not able to let go of your bow and arrow making it highly likely to starve and die. Really I hate that because it makes killing without being seen or banished impossible and it’s stupid and makes no since why the murderer would be slow and not able to let go of weapon and it’s unrealistic and was just created so the murderer could easily get caught or starve and die. That should be taken out, and have the blood splatter put in, with no cool down included. That would be nice and there’d be a way of knowing who the murderer was and it wouldn’t make it impossible to get away with murder.

A game is only 60 minutes, and waiting makes us waste a lot of time. I like playing this game because it has a high degree of freedom. Now you update some very bad mechanisms, and then you use more messy things to improve it. I can only say that you have destroyed this game, and you update these mechanisms that will only cause trouble. Why not update the technology tree? There are many players’ proposals that are very good. Why not take them? I want to play with a higher civilization, not waste time waiting for cooling down and repairing the damaged traces


You should update something that is really useful. Many players give good suggestions. Don’t you even copy it? You said you don’t exclude solo player, but obviously your updated content is aimed at solo player to help griefers destroy the house of solo player. I saw many beautiful buildings in the game. Although they didn’t support me, I felt it was a pity to see those beautiful buildings turn into garbage

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