How Banishment and Banish Points work / 追放と追放ポイントの仕組み

From version 1.11.0 the old Curse system will be replaced with the Banish system. Parts of it were introduced in version 1.10.0, but now the full system is implemented.

Some players make a habit of griefing, i.e. play the game in a way that sabotages it for others. The most obvious thing they do is to kill other players for no good reason, but there are many more ways you can sabotage for others.
The major benefit legitimate players have over these trolls, is their numbers. If several legitimate players identify a griefer, they should have a way to “ban” that person from playing with them.

We have adopted new language to make it more clear also to new players and players who don’t read forums what this button really does:
“Hope you get banished!” perhaps has less role play qualities than “Curse you!”, but it should be easier to understand with no pre-knowledge of the game, and the number of new players who try it out on innocent players should be less. Also, a curse could potentially have any effect, but the effect of a banishment is clearly one: the player gets exiled.

How it works

  • Two hours of play time will generate a Banish Token for a player. You can only have one at a time.
  • The player can use this token to give a Banish Point (BP) to a player they want to banish. You can think of this as one vote.
  • Observers can also use their banish token, if they have one. Time spent observing does not generate new banish tokens though.
  • Children under the age of 4 can’t use banishment tokens, and can’t be the target of one either.
  • A player who accumulates too many BPs too quickly, will be punished with Banishment for a certain time. This will instantly kill the banished player’s character, and when they start a new game they will spawn in the wilderness, far away from all non-banished players. The only way to be released from banishment is to play alone in the wilderness until the banishment time has been served.
  • A player who receives 3 BP in the same life, will die and get banned from their family, even if they don’t have enough BP to get banished to the wilderness. In this case they can start a new normal life, but should be very careful to not accumulate any more BPs for a long time.
  • Acquiring a few BPs over long play time is not a problem, but getting many in short play time will trigger a banishment.
  • If a player has recently come back from banishment, they are on probation, and fewer BPs are needed to trigger a new and longer banishment. Several recent banishments will lower the limit further. For an unpunished player, roughly one BP per play hour is ok, but more than that is dangerous.

Balancing the system
We have built the new system in a way were we can easily change the weights without having to update the app or game servers. If there are signs showing that the parameters are too loose or tight, we can fix that quickly. Feel free to send feedback that can help us achieve a good balance.



正当なプレイヤーがそのような荒らしに対して持つ利点は、数の力です。もし数人の正当なプレイヤーが荒らしを認識した場合、その荒らしプレイヤーを「BAN (追放)」する方法を得て然るべきでしょう。



  • 2時間のプレイ時間で追放権を得ます。一度に持てる権利は一つです。
  • プレイヤーはこの権利で、追放したいプレイヤーに追放ポイント (BP) を与えることができます。投票を思い描いていただくと分かりやすいと思います。
  • 観察者も、その権利があるうちは、追放権を使用できます。しかし観察時間は次の権利を得る時間には数えられません。
  • 4歳以下の子どもは追放権を使用できませんし、その対象にもなりません。
  • たくさんの追放ポイント (BP) を早々に受けたプレイヤーは一定時間追放の罰を受けます。この場合、追放の決定したキャラクターは即時に死亡、次の人生からは他のプレイヤーから遠く離れた未開地に生まれることになります。この追放を解くには、追放時間が終わるまで未開地で一人きりで過ごす他に方法はありません。
  • 一つの人生で3BPを受けたプレイヤーは、未開地に追放されるに至るBPを受けていなくても死に、その家族から追放されます。この場合は従来通り新しい人生を始められますが、しばらくの間それ以上のBPを受けないよう慎重になる必要があります。
  • 長いプレイ時間の中で1、2回のBPを受けることに問題はありませんが、短いプレイ時間の中でたくさんのBPを受ければ追放に繋がります。
  • 追放から戻ったばかりのプレイヤーは猶予期間にあり、少しのBPでさらに長い追放に処されます。近日の数回の追放はその後のBP必要数を下げます。一度も罰せられていないプレイヤーの場合、1BPにつきだいたい1時間のプレイ時間で解消できますが、それ以上は危険です。