I worried this problem about griefer,The dual decade should be taken seriously on this issue

I’m worried about this program. People are leaving every day.

lay various grounds for these problems

received information from 하트 according to her information she was watching to see if there were any fertile women in the village. On the way, the townspeople are suspicious that Grifer wields a knife at a person. Frustrated that the place was a place where people couldn’t kill because of the murder prevention fee, Gripper hurriedly recorded a scene where he ran to the side and talked to one person, saying, “I swung it wrong.”

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I don’t want to see these disgusting guys again.

Now they are the characters of horror. I don’t know what made them monsters. When I started this program, I expected a meeting, but now I’m only worried. I don’t know why I should start with fear. I would like to punish the two by example.he griefers have more complex communication than we think, and this is the basis for the evidence.

They don’t deserve to play with us. We paid to participate in this program and we think we deserve to choose the player we want to play with.

If Dual Decade feels serious about this problem, hurry up and take action or penalize them as a trial case.
Otherwise you will continue to lose your friend.


That’s what happened to me. They lose their nature and do bad things when they are gone. In the third case of the Biggiener server, she ran to me to kill me again with ‘Griffer’, ‘Go away’ and ‘bad words’ in Korean. Normal server happened on March 3 in my town of Eve. I was very hurt and collapsed by various things. I think Korean grippers are very bad. Hopefully the solution for the gripper will be upgraded soon. I loved this game, but lately I’ve been hurt more than healing.

Games are meant to be enjoyed and relieved of stress, not suspicious, unsuspecting majority, and not a place to get hurt and stressed. Who will play this game if it is deeply distrusted by the gripper without progress?

There is a limit to maintaining a village with responsibility. My village is a space where 3 Eves work together, and I’ve worked hard. More than a month’s time keeps crashing down by one person, should I keep doubting and observing babies?

Is this game really a healing game?


I worried this probelm too!

Hello! I enjoy this game for a long time.
But these days, I worried about griefer…
They enjoy bullying for other users… and they also have friendship and messenger too!
Their behavior gets worse as the days go by day…

I want upgrade for removed griefer. Forever!!
(If it can’t, I want removed them for a certain period of time. For example, one user has bullying one villages, system traced him, and make his name ‘griefer’ for a week or 3 week)

We loved this game, We enjoy this game.
We don’t want this game break down about griefer users…

I always thank you for asking and fixing the opinions of users if there is a problem!


Most korea Eve don’t open village. Because Griefer always attack to thier village. Griefer doesnt hesitate murder, bad word, destroy. we cant find healing. :frowning: very sad


I want to play a peaceful game!!!


I am very worried about the current mood of Korean servers(korea-1, korea-begginer1). Currently, Korean servers are full of malicious griefers. Peace lily petal resulted in many beginner level eves. But more Eve is giving up the town, starting solo play or moving to a private server. Because of the
I challenged Eve for the first time with the help of peace lily petal. But I also became Eve who doesn’t open a town on Korea servers because of griefers. The griefers malicious griefing behavior on Korea servers has gone too far. They are not at the level of killing sheep, killing people, or destroying adobe kiln. Breaking, ruining and making everything impossible for a particular town.
Destroy roads and fences, destroy farm, kill animals, cut trees and make wooden shoes, hide items, and make Fractional Distiller in the middle of the road. All of this is done at a time when Eve is not connected the game. And it doesn’t end one-off. If our friend Eve recovers the town, they use peace lily petal to break the town again. The target of their vicious griefings changed from one town to every town.
The griefers attacked my town, and then once I restored the town, the griefers visited again. griefers smashed sheep, cattle, and pig cages, killed puppies, ruined farms, bring in bears, smashed many boxes, smashed items, cut trees, and hid horses and clothes. They also died where we could not find their bodies, and watched me in spectator mode and cast me out. It was a grieffing activity that only one griefer lasted for less than 3 minutes in one life. I only had griefers children. This was repeated for three lifetimes.
이상한 촉 is griefer.
I was so lonely and painful at that time. I eventually became disillusioned with playing Eve on a Korean servers. The biggest problem with Korean servers is that my town’s situation is a drop in the ocean on Korean servers.
I visited the bucket list town that the writer was using as an example.
Because we were worried that our friend Eve would suffer because of the griefing action. We doubted each other all night, worried that “One of our families might be a griefer.”
I played “You are Hope” for 321 hours. I was very happy that I could play this game on mobile. However, I am disillusioned with this game in repeated doubts about each other.
I want streamers to play “You are hope”. And I want YouTubers to upload a know-how video of “You are Hope.” As a result, a lot of new users want to buy “you are hope”.
Broken town can be restored, but broken hearts cannot. If the damage caused by the griefers continues, users who played this game for a long time will leave. Also, A town full of griefers, new users will refund “you are hope” and never played “you are hope” again.
The situation with Korean servers is very serious. If this situation persists, all users will quit “you are hope”. DualDecade. Please take a serious look at this situation.
I hope “you are hope” does not will be “you are a disaster”

나는 한국 서버(korea-1, korea-begginer1)의 현재 분위기에 매우 걱정하고 있다. 현재 한국 서버는 악질적인 그리퍼들의 행위가 가득하다. 스파티필럼 꽃잎으로 인해 많은 초보 이브들이 생겼다. 하지만 그보다 더 많은 이브들이 자신의 마을을 포기하거나, 솔로 플레이를 시작하거나, 비공개 서버로 이동하고 있다. 이것은 그리퍼 때문이다.
나는 스파티필럼의 도움으로 처음으로 이브에 도전하였다. 하지만 나도 그리퍼로 인해 한국 서버에서 마을을 열지 않는 이브가 되었다. 한국 서버에서 그리퍼의 악질적인 그리핑 행위는 도를 넘었다. 그들은 양을 죽이거나, 사람을 죽이고, 점토가마를 부수는 수준이 아니다. 특정 마을의 모든 것을 부수고, 망치며, 재기 불능으로 만들고 있다. 마을의 길과 울타리를 부수고, 밭을 망가뜨리고, 동물을 죽이고, 나무를 베고, 벤 나무로 나막신으로 만들고, 아이템을 감추며, 길의 중간에 증류기를 심는다. 이 모든 행위를 이브가 접속하지 않은 시간에 단 한번에 해낸다. 그리고 그것은 일회성으로 끝나지 않는다. 우리의 친구 이브가 마을을 복구한다면, 그들은 스파티필럼을 사용해서 또다시 마을을 부순다. 그리고 그들의 사악한 그리핑 행위의 대상은 특정 마을에서 모든 마을로 변했다.
그리퍼가 나의 마을을 공격하고, 내가 마을을 복구하면 또다시 그리퍼가 방문했다. 그리퍼들은 양, 소, 돼지 우리를 부쉈고, 강아지를 죽이고, 농장을 망치고, 곰을 불러왔으며, 수 많은 상자를 부쉈고, 물건들을 헤집어놓고, 나무를 베었으며, 말과 옷을 감추었다. 또한 내가 그들의 시체를 찾을 수 없는 곳에 가서 죽었으며, 관전모드로 나를 감시하며 나에게 추방투표를 했다.
한 생애동안 오직 단 한 명의 그리퍼가 3여 분 정도도 되지 않아 해낸 그리핑 행위였다.
<가족 나무 주소>
이상한 촉이 그리퍼이다.
나의 자녀는 오직 그리퍼 뿐이었다. 이것은 3번의 생애동안 반복됐다. 나는 그 시간이 너무 외롭고, 고통스러웠다. 나는 결국 한국 서버에서 이브를 플레이하는 것에 대한 환멸을 갖게 되었다. 한국 서버의 가장 큰 문제는 나의 마을이 겪은 상황은 한국 서버에서는 새 발의 피라는 것이다.
나는 글쓴이가 예시로 들은 버킷리스트 마을에 그날 방문했다.
<가족 나무 주소>
왜냐하면 그리핑 행위로 인해 우리의 친구 이브가 고통받을 것이 걱정되었기 때문이다. 우리는 밤새 “우리 가족 중 하나가 그리퍼가 아닐까” 라고 걱정하며 서로를 의심했다.
나는 321시간 동안 "당신은 희망입니다"를 플레이하였다. 나는 이 게임을 모바일로 즐길 수 있다는 것에 매우 행복했다. 하지만 나는 반복되는 서로를 향한 의심 속에서 이 게임에 대한 환멸을 느낀다.
나는 스트리머들이 "당신은 희망 입니다"를 플레이하기를 원한다. 나는 또한 유튜버들이 "당신은 희망 입니다"의 공략 영상을 올려주기를 원한다. 그로인해 수많은 새로운 사용자들이 "당신은 희망 입니다"를 구매하길 원한다.
부숴진 마을은 복구할 수 있지만, 부숴진 마음은 복구할 수 없다. 그리퍼들로 인한 피해가 계속된다면 오랜 시간 플레이해온 "당신은 희망입니다"의 사용자들이 떠나갈 것이다. 또한 그리퍼만 가득한 마을에서 신규 유저들은 "당신은 희망 입니다"를 환불하고 다시는 "당신은 희망 입니다"를 하지 않을 것이다.
한국 서버의 상황은 매우 심각하다. 이러한 상황이 지속된다면, 모든 사용자들이 "당신은 희망 입니다"를 그만두게 될 것이다. 부디 DualDecade는 이 상황을 심각하게 검토해주기를 바란다.
"당신은 희망 입니다"가 "당신은 재앙 입니다"가 되지 않기를 바란다.


I’ve witnessed the Korean server griefers in action, it’s truly horrific how much damage they do.

The development team will be working on it but it will take some time. You can see it in this thread Investigating new tools against griefers / 荒らし対策新ツールの検討


I am sorry to hear about this problem. I am sure that the developers are already working on a solution. If you have any suggestions how to make it harder for griefers please let them know In the topic which Ember already posted. I am sure we will be able to solve the problem soon. Let me know if you need any help by rebuilding or anything. :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m one of the korea server eves who called salgu(살구). Recently, I met many various griefer. A few days ago, 야수(griefer’s name) name newborn child “ㅈ병신” means retard. She is not 야수’s daughter Who can abide that? Finally, my poor younger sister end it all. But it is only a small part of the total. Someone killed my innocent descendant. Another destroy everything. My village also experience this act. Sheepfold was broken 3 times and all animals are killed. It looks like lighter than examples of others, but I have to fix all night long. Is this the one developer want?
With all this trouble, many people are leaving. I am very worried.


We had a griefer once who were killing babies in the us beginner server, like she killed three babies on her own, it was on the 420 family line, if you look in the first few generations (it lasted for 20+ generations) you can see a woman called Joy, she was a horrible person.

So I completely agree with you :pleading_face: anything to stop the griefer also to stop the killing too, sometimes people go in villages for no reason and kill them all, maybe a penalty so the villagers will have time to react grab weapons and such? Like you get a 10 seconds cool down after a murder?

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