Improvements on update 2.20.0 / バージョン2.20.0についての改善

We’ve gathered feedback from players and decided to do some changes to make life better. This will be a sever side update so you won’t need to update the game.

As we stated before the gooseberries update was to adjust the balance. But after some feedback and personal gameplay we see that it is a bit hard to maintain.

Therefore: instead of vanishing one by one like some mysterious spirit is slowly consuming your berries :ghost:, all gooseberries will stay on the bush for 15 minutes. If they have not all been picked by then, the bush will turn brown and berries will disappear. (If you pick them all, the bush stays green). Bushes can’t become yellow, dead, or disappear. Therefore no more ugly looking farms.

And since we want to encourage players to pick berries, we made it faster and easier to pick. You can pick a full bowl of berries (6) in one action, if the domestic bush has 7 berries. Hope this helps everyone adjust to the new gooseberries game mechanics. :heart:

Also we had a bug that Newcomen machines became pumps. We can’t restore newcomen machines which turned into pumps (at least not yet), but we have improved the pumps so they give many more buckets now. So will the Newcomen Kerosene Pump.

Constructive feedback is welcomed, and please be respectful to each other’s point of view.








I hope berries can stay on bushes forever.
15 min is too short.
Carrots can stay on row for 1 hour. :expressionless:

I like this update - Bushes can’t become yellow, dead, or disappear.
This will allow me to say goodbye to the pain of replanting gooseberries every day. Thank you! :innocent:


If they would stay forever, people would make huge fields of bushes, which is what we want to avoid. So they must disappear at some point. Let’s try out this solution for a while, so we can see how it turns out. :slightly_smiling_face:

We need bowls , bowls , I kinda feel like because of that the sheep are fat and the clothes are like mountain and we have ton of fertilizers.

This is by far my favorite part of the update, thank you so much!


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