/kill Command?

Here’s the context: whenever I’m trying to play with my friend and build up our town I can’t spawn back. It is extremely annoying to wait until I’m aged to die. Maybe if you do /die you won’t spawn near that area and doesn’t cause the mother to die of grief ?

There are privat servers and no-kids servers. Maybe that would solve your problem.

We’re trying to complete an “objective” on one of the servers and for me to progress I need to respawn. However, it seems rn all the towns have became eves and is nigh impossible to cooperate with them.

so what im doing is take the carrot seed anti baby pill. live to 60. get reborn at my permanent marker. and bury my self from past life. this cycle works fine.

what are you doing?

A carrot seed anti baby pill? I’m currently just trying to get burried by someone and once I rebirth as an eve I will just live to old age and reborn.

oh okay so its the same then.

the anti fertility herbal you can create by hitting a rock on a carrot seed on a flat rock. but its not necessary for the cycle.

do you use the permanent marker made by placing once a peace lilly flower on a regular home marker?

Yes, I use a permanent marker. Thanks for telling me how to make a anti-baby pill

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hmm okay then its just hard to get into the cycle i guess. i play on a low populated server. maybe its just easier there. sorry i couldn‘t help you.

what do you think would the kill command add to the game? so eves don’t have to suffer?

Yea, and it would be easier to get to bigger towns in where u can get burried

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maybe your friend could drink pine needle tea. so her fertility rate is heigher. and than she can say when you should spawn as her kid. And then bury each other.

Interesting, I didnt know that was a thing

So as kid you have to live till 10 years old to get buried and your permanent marker gets active. And as eve you have to live till 24 years old to get buried and for your permanent marker.

But i guess you know that :slight_smile:

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this is off topic but my grandma married my little brother

Whenever I crush carrot seed on a flat rock I seem to get crushed carrot, is that what the actual name for antibaby pill is ?

yes. it looks like a little white triangle.

here you find the video about it from dual decade: Upcoming Feature: Fertility Medicine / 新しい機能:不妊治療薬

thanks. i was just asking to confirm. sorry for bothering u

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Sorry to bother you again lol. I died to old age and I was a eve but I respawned as a baby ? owo

Did you got the message «You spawned at your permanent marker location» or something like that? That would mean the regular spawns are close to your permanent marker or an other eve is close to your permanent marker.

Or did you just got born without a message? That would mean you lost your respawn again, what shouldn’t happen, when you do the steps right.

oml I just got the same mom from yesterday. She keeps naming her kids pp

so what i do then is to die at 10 years old. and than watch the family tree for fertile woman (not having a kid yet). Then spawn back to the same family and go bury my self.

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