Let me introduce you to our graveyard. (No Kids Server)

Hello people. We are the community who play in the spawn town at the no kids server. We just created a graveyard for everyone who wants to be buried so that he can spawn at his own town at his marker. Let me explain how it works. If you want to get buried there, just die there and someone of us will bury your body to help you. :slight_smile: We like to help everyone to have fun and If you choose to start your own town far from the spawn point, we want to help you find your way back. We will prepare graves for everyone who wants to get buried.

You will find the graveyard close to the stables. It’s signed. Everybody who wants to help burying and prepare is welcomed. Also we welcome every player to join our town. If you stay or just want to pay a visit, we will welcome you warmly. :slight_smile: Hope to see you soon! ~ Nami Kaze


Thank you for the grave! Just like me, you can be buried to. Just come play with us, everyone is welcome! (Expect for griefers, of course :wink:)


nice :slight_smile: you made a service out of it. i have to use that graveyard too. havent been buried yet.

You guys bring a tear of joy to the eye, truly! :joy:

Helping other players without asking anything in return. It’s exactly what I hope for by making games. More online experiences that are simply good to people.

I’m sure Santa will be visiting this year :grin:


So we dont need to be buried near where we want to spawn ?

No. Burial anywhere on the map activates that person’s marker, wherever it is on the same server.


do you play on the en-nokids server? we can help you. we have the best undertaker skills. just let us know =)


Thank you! It was not my idea alone. :slight_smile: I prefer to help people and it makes more fun like that. In our town everyone helps each other, even when griefer come we stand together and fix everything fast. We are friendly and we like to build Something big together. If we wouldn’t be atttacked everytime, I would even open the doors to the House for everyone. Maybe people will understand someday that playing together is much more fun than destroying. :smile: Oh I can’t wait for Santa! :joy: I will make a Christmas tree.


Yeh, ive played there a few times ! I just wasnt sure about graves! For now imma keep playing in the big town, I like takin care of the doggos! I made a few notes with some of their fav foods!


Oh that was you? I wondered who brought the dogs back! Thank you so much! :smile:


This also made me very moved. It’s been a long time since I’ve met an enthusiastic player like you in the game. I will also come to help often. Of course, I’m already here, aren’t I? I’m piglet. We had a conversation in discover.


Ya, np! People have added notes as well which is great!
I want to write notes about what the dogs do as well!
I know one breed hunts rabbits & another can protect you from bear attacks, but im not sure which🤔


Thank you! I know that Shepherd, Collie and Pitbull are able to protect. We have to check other breeds as well. :slight_smile:


Hey Piglet, yes I remember that we met. :slight_smile: Awww thank you, I just like this Game very much. I met many nice people and it makes fun to play together and meet everyone again. I hope to see you soon! Thank you for your help. :grinning:

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We would also love to give all solo players or those who chose to find a spot a horse, unfortunately it’s currently impossible to do so and we are running out of horses.

@Christoffer maybe we can have an update that allows horse breeding ?


Hi where is this no kids server? US no kids or JP? I want to join~


US no kids :blush:

That’s nice! I hope to meet you there! :slight_smile:

Today, I took four horses in the middle. I remember the second desert on the right. There are many horses left. Will I continue to help you? Hope the center is getting better and better


Thank you so much :blush:, sorry I had to go in the middle of making carts.