My short life story

I was born into a small village. My mother was Joya Gen. She named me Jenny. But with her. Was another woman. She and her mother, Blue, were unrelated to me with the last name of Rich. Then, my kind sister told me she loved me and raised me. She told me to stay in the village until I grew older. Sadly, even in the comfort of our village, we ran out of food. I starved and died at 8.


If you had stew, you wouln’t starve c:


Thanks for sharing your story!

I was your sister

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I always say to kids stay in the villge until you are grown

I always starve if I get born to an eve.

I think you were my mum once.

I was your sister. We all sadly died whem the farmer stop farming.

As a child, i do the opposite. I grab a berry, and run off into the wild to look for a wild berry bush, to be sure not to be a burden to the village.

When im ok, i can come back to the village, and then use its resources.

I also was Rich first generation and we were the ones that start the village. I made 4 back packs in total over that life.

Oh so you made those backpacks! I found that village when I was Eve and I saw 4 backpacks just lying there in the grass. It loved that place. I raised a really big family there.

Yes i did. Before i died as the Gen family, I place the one next to the other one. And i made a little sementery at the left of it.

Yep, that’s the place. Thank you Sylar, very cool!

You wealcome.
I have live thousand of lives in OHOL. I have over 250 hours plays in the PC version.

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Such great advice! Wow