Private server

we have been waiting for private server for a long time. Apart from new things and new recipes, I think a private server is far more important because everyone have been griefed in certain extent.

Can the devs give us some details about private server or the date of releasing it? population in English server is losing, and I hope private server will release before everyone is gone… @Christoffer


I’m concerned too.

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All that remains is the user interface and testing. The main parts are in place now. I am hesitant to promise a delivery date, but it will surely be within this month.


I sure hope so…

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any details for private server? like how much we hv to pay, or how many ppl can join a private server, fixed eve spawn or still eve spiral, something like that?

it’s great to hear the private server will be ready in this month, and I hope everything is smooth so that we can hv it earlier. I am ready to pay for one!

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It’d be nice if you could pay $0.99 for a week of credit or $2.99 for a month of credit.

If the private server runs out of credit, you and people invited there won’t be able to enter it.

You could add credit up to 120 days and keep adding credit whenever the credit counter isn’t at it’s max.

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I’d be willing to pay extra for a sandbox mode. :nerd_face:


There will be two types of private servers initially:

  1. Solo, where it is just you, building your own dream settlement or experimenting with things. When you log off, we will store your map data for you until you want to play next time.
  2. Friends, where the owner can send an invitation link to others and about 10 people can play at the same time (exact max number not decided yet). This will be more like the regular game, except you always spawn together (though in different places over multiple sessions, like Eve spiral in normal game). The owner starts up the server before people can join, and it will shut down automatically and store the map some time after the owner stops playing. This option will cost more than the solo one (but you will have to wait a bit longer for actual numbers).

Later, we expect to also have a large server option for people who want to invite a large number of players. Live streamers may want to have this option, but most players will not need it.

The payment will be per 30 days.
If there is demand for it, maybe we can do a $1 trial for the solo version, so you can test it for a few days and see if you like it, without paying for 30 days.



  1. ソロ - 文字通りあなた一人で、あなたの考えた最強の村を作ったり、色々なことを試したりできます。ログアウトすると、次にプレイする時までそのマップデータが保存されます。
  2. フレンド - サーバーの持ち主がリンクを送って友達を招待できます。同時に10人程度がプレイできる予定です(最大人数はまだ決定していません)。こちらはもっと従来のゲームに近い感じですが、違うところを言えば全員必ず同じ場所に生まれることでしょう(セッションごとに立地は変わります。従来のゲームでイブが発生して始まるのと同じです)。他のメンバーが参加する前に持ち主がサーバーをスタートさせ、持ち主がゲームを終了するとしばらくして自動でシャットダウンし、マップデータを保存します。こちらはソロサーバーより使用料が高くなります(詳しい料金設定はもうしばしお待ちください)。





Sort of like Minecraft?

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Yaaaaasssss! Thank you! I am so excited for this!

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“The owner starts up the server before people can join, and it will shut down automatically and store the map some time after the owner stops playing.” <-- that means ppl cannot work on the town while owner is not online? That would be hard if ppl want to play as a group with different timezones and play time to enjoy a griefer free private server.


Will the 4 fertile women and lose eve spawn rule be erased? That’s just annoying to have in general but if it can be erased for private servers that would make it far better. Same goes for the eve spiral lol.

Iron only runs out when no one is constantly expanding outwards to find more and people use it on frivolous things. Cars take up so much iron they’re not worth it to be 1.5x faster than horses especially if you don’t have long distances to travel. The server dosnt load in as fast as you can move anyways.

How much would the cost increase if we were to run the server constantly?


Private servers would be pretty useless if they go down when the owner gets off, because everyone has different time zones and different schedules. If I would want to play with my friend I’d have to be playing at 1-9 am or they would. But we both have to sleep for work. If we can’t get a private server that stays online then there really is no point to have one…


Well, if you want to play together, you kind of do have to be online at the same time. I definitely think that the most common case is that friends are in similar time zones (not the only case, but most common).
Are you looking for collaborative solo play on the same map? Or is it some kind of combination you are looking for?
I guess joint ownership is one possible future feature.
I will take all feedback I can get and be greatful for it, so if I seem to be arguing back, it’s just so I can get a clearer picture of what’s really important to people.


First off I’d like to thank you for responding so quickly!:blush: But for instance I live in the US and my friend lives in HK so we occasionally get to actually play together but most of the time it’s us communicating on discord about tasks that need done in our town through a combined effort. Like I said we do get opportunities to play at the same times but not too often. I think I speak for everyone when I say we would prefer it to be a consistently running Private Server so we can all work on a town together even if we all can’t play at the same time.


joint ownership would make sense to me.


Yea joint ownership at minimum would be good. In a perfect world a server would stay online until the owner decided otherwise. But I’d be alright with joint ownership.

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There is a flip side to your suggestion, Shannon, which is good to be aware of:

  1. A server that doesn’t shut down can not get its data backup. Computers do malfunction sometimes, so restarting them now and then is a good idea.
  2. Keeping a server running 24/7 even when nobody is playing is more costly than shutting down and resuming when there are actual players. We are trying to keep the price down for the majority of players, but we also don’t want to present too many different options.

That said, we will definitely think more on this.


Yea that’s a good point, I appreciate you talking about it and trying to keep us informed and work with the community to find the best solution!:heart:

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What would be the cost difference for keeping the servers up constantly? We actually play very frequently as a group and probably have the server running 20 hours a day minimum. Im currently -5 eastern, +2 central European, + 8 Hong Kong with many other time zones. Would there be any alternatives such as having a computer running a 24 hour server or through dual decade itself? As for the having the data saved, maybe a scheduled day and time each week would be an option. Not entirely sure how server maintenance works so I’m sorry if I am over simplifying it.

I would also like to know how the server parameters work on a few different things.

If the way it is currently planned is implemented for multiplayer, what would happen if the owner of the server would die wether to old age or anything else, what would happen to the other players? Would the server close if they die or close once the app closes? The reason being is that we intend to have multiple cities being built by 2-4 players at once and we can almost never be on at once. Would they return the same age if they get back on when the owner is on or lose the spawn altogether?

I also wanted to know if the parameters of the server can be changed for preference on size if the eve spiral or setting a spawn point in the world? Since we are fairly experienced, we dont really worry about starving but others may want to change the hunger rate if they are purchasing for training or even for making videos such as myself. Age may also be a concern for others to maybe get two hour lives.