Release 2.12.0 - What's New? / バージョン2.12.0とは?

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This release is planned for Thursday, March 19th.
The big new feature is the new wool clothes you see above, and green dye for wool.

Besides that, there are a lot of improvements too:

  • Babies’ bones can’t be used to banish the baby player.

  • Decay of Stone Walls is much slower. The average for full decay is 60 days, and the shortest possible time for full decay is 15 days.

  • Map clean-up time is increased from 7 days to 30 days.

  • If a player eats Crushed Carrot Seed, that player will not get any more children. This can be used for example by Eves who want to prepare the camp before they raise children. The effect can then be countered by drinking Pine Needle Tea. Getting Yellow Fever also has the effect of no children, but only for 5 minutes. Read more here: Upcoming Feature: Fertility Medicine / 新しい機能:不妊治療薬

  • If you get disconnected and reconnect, your home marker should not be lost anymore.

  • The old Eve Respawn feature doesn’t exist anymore, but on low population servers, you have the possibility of activating your own Rebirth Marker by living to 60 years age (this is only active when there are no women between ages 15-40 on the server, but you don’t have to be an Eve in order to use it).

  • It is possible to erase written notes with a rubber ball.

  • Babies older than 1 year can now carry their own baby bottle (but they can’t refill them).




  • 赤ちゃんの骨を赤ちゃんだったプレイヤーの追放には使えなくなります。

  • 石の壁の老朽化時間がもっと長くなります。完全老朽化にかかる時間は平均60日で、最短は15日となります。

  • マップ消去までの時間は7日から30日に延びます。

  • プレイヤーがつぶしたニンジンの種を食べると子どもが生まれなくなります。これは例えばイブが子どもを産む前に村を整えたい時などに使えます。この効果は松葉茶を飲むことで消去されます。黄熱にかかると同様に子どもが生まれなくなりますが、その効果は5分間です。詳しくはこちらをご一読ください: Upcoming Feature: Fertility Medicine / 新しい機能:不妊治療薬

  • 接続切断が起こり再接続した場合、ホームマーカーを失うことがなくなりました。

  • 以前のイブ再生システムは終了しますが、人口の少ないサーバーでは60歳まで生きることで自身の再生マーカーが発動する可能性を持っています(これはそのサーバーに15歳から40歳の女性がいない時だけに起こります。このためにあなたがイブである必要はありません)。

  • ゴム毬で紙に書いた言葉を消すことができます。

  • 1歳以上の赤ちゃんはほ乳瓶を自分で持つことができます(しかし詰め替えることはできません)。


The home marker has bug, many players cannot rebirth around their home marker, and if they rebirth as a baby, there is a blue arrow to the same place(maybe the center of the map). Player cannot return their home, it is a serious problem. Please fix this bug, thank you. at Singapore server

Thanks for reporting! I will split this into two items, for clarity:

  1. Rebirth doesn’t spawn you around your home marker, but around your rebirth position. You set this position by using a Peace Lily petal on a home marker. If you have not set it, you may be reborn around the map center instead. Fix this by setting your Rebirth Position.

  2. Regarding the blue arrow, it probably points to the home marker inherited from your mother. If she doesn’t have one, it’s possible that it will point to map center instead. If so, that is a bug and will be fixed.

Hope this helps!

Let me describe what happened.

Before this update, I had a home marker with peace lily petal and a tomb, and every time I went home, I just had to take the flat stone off the tomb and put it back (the tomb can be used again), and the next time I could go back home.

However, after the update, I need to make a new home marker with peace lily petal and must to make a new tomb with the bone from my last death (the tomb cannot be used again). But, the Eve rebirth chain has been abolished, which means I can’t go home by living to 60 to find my bone and bury it. If there are no player to bury my bone, I cannot go back home.

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Thanks for your explanation. Here are some comments:

Reusing the same grave was never an intended part of the design. I was actually not aware that you could do that. We have probably done some related changes in the last update and this “feature” stopped working. I could think about this for the future though, if it makes sense to make it into a designed feature.

No, you don’t need to. Your Rebirth position is remembered permanently. You only need to make a new Rebirth Marker if you want to change your Rebirth Position.

This was the design all along. The other method was unintended.

Yes, you can always go back:

  • If there are other players, then they can activate your Rebirth by burying your remains.
  • If there are no other players on the server (to be precise: if there are no females between ages 15 and 40), then living to 60 will be enough to activate your Rebirth. You don’t have to be an Eve - just live to 60.

I think it is necessary that a tomb be used many times. Here are my reasons.

#1. The tomb ability is often used by players who are fix in one place, whether it’s a heavily populated server or a sparsely populated server. If the tomb cannot be used multiple times, then there may be multiple graves burying the same player, which is a waste of land.

#2. If there are too many tombs, the player may forget which tomb has been used and who the corresponding player is. Reusing the tomb is a good solution, players can make a wooden card to mark the tomb. Each player will only have one tomb in one place. Also, you can make decorations around the tomb and write a note telling everyone about the player’s contribution to this place.

#3. Many times, a player’s bone is not buried by a stranger, but needs to be buried by themselves , which can be difficult if the tomb cannot be reused. For example, my bone is buried by a friend, and then I use the grave to go home, and then the friend leaves the game, which means that no one reburies my bone after I die. I wanted to go home, but there were other players on the server and they didn’t raise me, so I couldn’t go home. If the tomb can be reused, then I can activate the rebirth mark again in the previous step.

#4. In the end, I think reusing graves is a great feature, although it was a bug before, and hopefully I can enjoy it again. Thank you!

Due to sixth point, i cannot respawn near where i died in the previous life that lasted until 60 years old in the private server… I respawn so called near prefered rebirth place, which i never set up.
I dont think this is a nice change in private server, if it was intended so.

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Good idea

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I confused. Do we or do we not need to burry our bones?

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We made a video! Thanks to everyone who helped!

@Yang-E Thanks for suggesting the video idea :slight_smile:


I agree with most, respawning/rekindling just got condusing again.
I think you nee to leave the initial eve respawn so we can bury our bones. Too many new players end up being born to me and they die or kill each other so its seldom i get buried.
Also please extend decay time on hard to make clothes or its impossible to play with them. The rss needed cant be regrown and do not respawn in the wild. It takes almost 2 lives to make dyed garments and with the new update they decay before i can get back to my home spawn point…Please consider this!

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Awesome video! Id love to see a video for every release! :grinning: :video_camera:


Hehe thank you for using my idea♡
Can you show me how to make new item in the next video? It was hard to figure out how to make a new item.:joy::joy:


Isn’t learning a new item part of the fun ? :wink:


A hehe thats good

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the map clean-up time is much lower than 30 days. i leave my town until the update 2.14.0, about 10 days. but my town is clean, nothing is still here. this town is the largest town and most beautiful in the Singapore server, named 雪桃苑. i enjoy much happy time with my friend, we love here depthly, although we have left here. it is a very good game, if every towns can be saved on the map, it will be better.

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