(Split topic) KazeNami anti grief Sugestion

I would give things which are destroyable a specific time in which they can’t be destroyed after built, just a few minutes after building it so that you are able to make corrections. For example building a box. You build the box and have 10 minutes time to destroy it if you built it on wrong spot. After that it will stay 2 weeks. If this time gets over, you either have to use an hammer to get 2 more weeks or you just leave it be. Names could be Grey if the time is over, but can only be seen by the player who build it. Same with sheep. A sheep can be killed but only in the first 10 minutes after grown up or else it will live safely for two weeks. This would help since sheep are easy to breed and if you need meat or fur you still have the opportunity to get it by growing a lamb. And please please please give us the opportunity to fix this decaying walls. Since the walls are falling down, my house gets atttacked by griefers permanently. They just pick the walls. If they fully decayed, they can get inside Just easy. If I rebuild my walls they can pick them too because IT Takes time to get ancient. Pleased fix that. I really Like the looks of IT and it’s a good thing for old villages which aren’t in use, but please not in used buildings.


Sheep wouldnt work. I could easily breed a hundred sheep in two to three lives. Imagine hundreds of sheep runing through your towns.

A ten minute timer wouldnt work either. Maybe if the item lasted an entire day then it would last for a week.
A griefer could build things in a way that it would take more then 10 minutes to reach it and remove the obstical.

I suggest another new way. Crowned sheep and pig

They crown the sheep so they can be made special-they survive for seven days and are slower to spawn than other sheep, but they don’t die by knife

At the end of its life, the crown can be stripped from the sheep and slaughtered like other sheep to obtain meat.

People can’t get wool and meat with a special sheep, so the fence is never filled with a special sheep only

Gold is also a scarce resource in the game, so it is not possible to make every sheep a special sheep with malicious intentions


I like this one. Smart, and would look fun.

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I was just thinking of that too, and crowned cows!

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I was thinking of having the crowned animals be “sacred”, if someone kills them you can tap on them to banish the killer.

Because it’s hard to move grown animals around if you are expanding sheep pens or moving cows. You might still want a way to change the crowned animal.

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About the boxes, maybe if you chop the boxes they become boards not kindle. So the griefer doesn’t get the fun of totally destroying it. It’s hard to get boards because it takes cutting down one whole tree that’s the main reason I get frustrated.


That’s right. the sheep that escapes the fence is annoying and many griefers break the fence to get the sheep out, but you can lure the sheep back into the fence or send it to a secluded place outside the village to make it less annoying.The important point is that there is at least one sheep left.


Yes that makes sense, I leave back-up sheep in the wild sometimes too so that isn’t a big problem.


As for walls I was thinking:

A normal stone wall should be breakable without breaking a pickaxe, until you add plaster to stick the stones together it becomes stronger it will require a full pickaxe. Then after time hardens to un breakable. It’s too easy to buld a wall to block stuff. And I have to keep smithing to break the walls just to see they put them back up right away when I go do something else.

Also be able to use a hammer on slightly decayed walls to repair, half decayed walls will need some plaster and fully decayed walls removed and remade.

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(We are also planning on adding a dog ability for herding a sheep. That should be easier than luring it… :smile: )


Ah so the Collies will be our sheep dogs sounds fun.

Wait im not sure if there are collies in Yah lmao

There are. It’s the first breed which you get from a Wolf mother. They get one collie, one Shepherd and one wolf puppy. :slight_smile: Even though Collies are hard to feed because they need a grilled goose still on a stick. That was hard to find out because grilled goose will get removed from the stick when clicked on the empty floor… :sweat_smile:

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I got another Idea about the griefers. Maybe it would be possible to block a banned Person from a Server for a specific time. Also it should be possible to get a marker showing where the Person ist going to after you banned once because they just run off after you watched them griefing and can’t find them anymore. Maybe IT would be good also if the number of people who are needed to Ban a Person would depend on the people who are online on the Server. For example If more Than 10 people are online it needs 5, If there are less online it needs 3. Also it would help to mark a banished person somehow, even If the person respawns with another life. They love to run off, die and then return with another name or just nameless at our server. Maybe you could make their name red or something for the player who banned the person once? Or make the name red If the person has only one banishment left?