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you attach rubber wheels to a box, can’t break them.
If you want a box that doesn’t break and doesn’t move, I want to put a rubber wheel on the box in your town.

So here is my problem: «I want to store the axe in a wooden box, like i can do with every other tool, without breaking the box by accident»

Hmm i don’t have any problem with griefer. So i don’t understand your problem. Please help me, what’s the problem?

A) I can’t break «wooden box with lid».
B) I can’t move through «wooden boxes».
C) I haven’t enough branches to make wooden sledge.
D) I have to many wooden boxes.
E) I have to much milkweed or wooden planks, so players make random boxes.
F) I have no way to break a box.
G) …?

I just read this part
<Axes shouldn’t break wooden boxes into kindling. Yesterday i managed to break a box again. Wooden boxes shouldn’t break at all >

The griefers are installed something like distillers that cannot be removed in the kitchen and all over the town
If we can’t get rid of wooden boxes (with lid) that can’t be moved, they might more easily install wooden boxes all over the town to harass us.
I often break an axe when I try to keep it in a box.
So I usually keep my axe in a cart attached to a horse, and I hope I can keep it in a box.
At the same time, I also worried about destroying the village by creating things that we can’t remove.

This screenshot shows a distiller installed to prevent by griefer in the place smelting iron or baking pies.

I request christoffer to consider this part together, fearing that a box with a lid, like a distiller-cannot remove, cannot move-, would become an item that they could easily use.

  • In less important news, however super annoying, I would like to be able to put a slice of bread and a slice of short cake, back into the plate of cut bread/shortcake.
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If this is already mentioned somewhere I am sorry. But I read nowhere about it. So here is one point of my wish list:
It seems kinda unlogic (and uncomfortable tbh) that some certain items can not be stacked. So I wish more things can be stacked. For example carrots, corn, arrows, eggs, mutton, mangos… and a lot of other rather small items.


Thanks for your suggestions, @MsBee.
Some of them will be addressed in 2.15.0

This will become possible. Sand and snow will also start to refill over time.

We will make some improvements to the Block of Wood: You will get 4 out of one log, and you can make kindling from it.
Seems to me there should be more uses for Block of Wood than making a shoe. Any ideas for something useful, anyone?

I will consider these ones too. Possibly later than 2.15.0

This is what the Wooden Boxes are for (among other things). I don’t think it should be “free” to stack these.

For liquids and things like sand, I think it makes more sense to use a crock with lid for transport, than to put bowls directly into a cart. Double stacks would double the transport capacity, which is not the intention with the double stacks. But maybe we’ll consider this anyway… no promises.

I think this would be too overpowered. Then we would have to change the food value of turkeys.

We have already made it so that nature will spawn new hives now and then. They are supposed to be rare and valuable, so we will not make a way you can easily reproduce them.

Feedback is welcome. This is how I see things currently, but I sometimes change my mind with new data or ideas.


I agree with your assessment, Francis. The problem is that only a very minor part of all players use these tools, and supporting them would require effort from us that would only benefit this minority. For iOS this might be a reasonable amount of work, but on the Android side there are soo many different hardware vendors and we could never hope to support all devices that individual players would ask for.

I won’t say never, but it’s not in our plans now at least. Sorry about that :frowning_face:

Does that also include iPadOS mouse support?

Thank you Christoffer,

I understand your point of view.

With the cart however, you can put trimmed straight double stacked branches in the cart, but you cannot put trimmed curved double stacked branches in the cart. I’m sure it’s that way for building purposes, but I find it inconsistent.

You cannot put garlands for the Christmas tree into a cart, it’s very strange and inconvenient when you need 4 garlands for a Christmas tree, and not everyone wants a Christmas tree right next to the kitchen.
Obviously the garlands aren’t a huge concern, as most people don’t bother making a Christmas tree anyways.

You can put bowl of blueberries, raspberries and gooseberries into a cart, and they also all can be stored in a crock. But you cannot put bowl of green beans into a cart, and they also cannot be stored in a crock.

The sauerkraut board cannot be stored in a cart.

Just some things that are inconsistent, but of course I don’t expect all these changes, just pointing them out.

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You cannot open a door with a baby in your hands, but you can open the door while riding a horse… Lol.

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I would love, if we were able to adjust a wooden box to store smaller, but more, items… For me it is a bit difficult to store pies, since only 4 pies will fits in a wooden box. of course I could make baskets and that way stor up to 12 pies in a box, but I’m a solo player, so if I make a basket and put pies in it (and the basket in the wooden box). The basket will often be broken when I return to my city again, and pies will be spread all over the ground :cry:


What about toys for children with wooden blocks?
If there is a wooden block in the picture instead of a wooden wheel, we can enjoy the game more.

Thanks for taking the time to list some inconsistencies. These will be take care of. :face_with_monocle: