Release 2.15.0, What's New? / バージョン2.15.0とは

The release has started to roll out now, and will be in App Store and Google Play within a few hours.

Geographic Banishment
This release is adding the last component to the anti-griefer tools, which we have been working on for several months: Investigating new tools against griefers / 荒らし対策新ツールの検討
You can read more about the details in this thread:
Geographic Banishment / 地理的追放

Carrot Improvements
These have already been explained here:

Better-looking Fences
No more Oven Bases (see Should we get rid of oven base pens?) Instead use real wooden fences. Straight branches now spawn every 30 minutes, and you also get branches when you cut trees down (you now get two logs instead of one, too).

User Requests


リリース準備が整い、App StoreとGoogle Playでまもなく配信です。


このリリースで、以前のトピック内から最後の要素として、数ヶ月を費やし作り上げた新しい荒らし対策ツールを追加します: Investigating new tools against griefers / 荒らし対策新ツールの検討

詳しくはこちらをご覧ください: Geographic Banishment / 地理的追放








  • 空の砂場を削除可能に。
  • 雪堤を削除可能に。
  • 木のブロックの改善。
  • 2本の曲がった棒、2本のまっすぐな枝、花輪、緑豆入りボウル、乾燥豆入りボウル、クラウトボード、以上が荷車に乗るように改良。
  • 緑豆を容器に収納可能に。


  • 掘った後の鉱脈を土入りの一輪車で埋めることができるように修正。
  • 溝が時間経過で少しずつ埋まる、泥の山が少しずつ消えるように修正。

These additions are spectacular! :partying_face:

how wonderful additions they are🥰


i chopped down some trees before update. thanks for including them. i was worried i chopped them too early. but they all have two logs and branches :partying_face:

also nice to be able to fill collapsed iron mines with dirt and get rid of empty sand pits.

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I love the update :blush::+1:t2:
But I noticed that if someone fills a basket with carrots manually, you can still just put 3 into it. Ppl still pick them one by one tho I placed a basket near and then we can just put 3 into it. Can we make it so that you can also put 5 manually in a basket and not just by using a basket on the row?

Also in an early town I now grow many carrots to prevent ppl planting so many berry bushes. I bring a lot of baskets for that, but it would be a help if I can carry stacked empty Baskets back to the camp. In the time I carry one basket after another the ppl already planted more and more berry bushes :disappointed:

So carrying 4 empty baskets at once back would be awesome :ok_hand:t2:


You can put 5 in a pile on the ground and then use a basket to scoop them up. Putting one at a time into the basket does not turn it into a “carrot basket”. it will remain as a general basket with room for three items.


I’m not sure if that’s how it works, haven’t had time to play since the update launched, but couldn’t you just make a pile on the ground with the single picked carrots and pick up that pile with the basket?

Yeah I can. Somehow it didn’t came to my mind on my own tho :sweat_smile:

After some playing now I gotta say that the additional Shafts and logs are a blessing for an early camp. I really like that! I can make a good pen in no time now.


Good video and good update(s)! :grin:

I got one question for the Q&A:

What are your thoughts about adding a new biome? :thinking:


uuh nice question :slight_smile:

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Uuuh maybe a mountain biome where you could find alot of Rocks and gold ores, maybe with leopards to get cats and goats for goat milk. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


hihi :slight_smile: nice idea! let’s add the Swiss Alps! We need cheese and chocolate! And alphorns to signal to the next montain. Also a swiss army knife would be handy sometimes :wink: hihihi

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