Suggestions 😁

I love where You Are Hope has headed, personally I enjoy playing this version more than One Hour One Life. (And I have 1000+ hours on One Hour One Life)

Just a few suggestions to maybe help the flow of the game. :grin:

  • I would like to be able to fish indefinitely; A suggestion would be to maybe add a worm to a compost pile, which then in time produces two more worms.

  • The ability to remove snow banks and empty sand piles.

  • The ability to stack crocks and buckets.

  • The ability to put mushrooms and carrot seeds in crock with note.

  • There are some items in which it doesn’t make sense they cannot go into a cart, for example, a bowl of sand, a bowl of slaked lime, uncut double stacked straight branches, etc.

  • I have accidentally made a block of wood, and I didn’t want to make a shoe, so now that block of wood just sits outside my town, I would like to be able to make it into kindling or throw it in the trash.

  • Ability to breed Turkey’s.

  • Ability to make more bee swarms from a domestic swarm.

  • Being able to swap large items with baskets, such as a long shaft, shovels, axes, crocks, etc.

Of course I don’t expect these changes, and I love the game already, I just wanted to put some ideas out there.


Wow that’s awesome this game really need to this idea

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it would be nice to cut saplings with shears. for now its only possible with the flint chip.

the usability is diffrent with a turban than with a straw hat. its difficult to click behind your character.
also the straw hat has a feather you cant remove but on the turban you can remove it.

I’m a bit confused as to why you would rather use shears to cut saplings, if it’s possible to use a flint chip. The flint chip never breaks, but shears do.
I can agree with the rest of your comment though.

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because of consistency. its easier for user when the usability is consistent throu out the whole game. i tried it and i saw other try it. doesn’t make sense you can cut trees but not saplings. thats not consistent.

if it make sense to do that as player, when shears get broken, is up to the player.


Yeah, makes sense.

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Id like to be able to harvest wild plants with a flint chip. Like wild carrots and burdocks.


-Being able to replant rubber trees.
-Being able to move a roasted cut turkey.


Axes shouldn’t break wooden boxes into kindling. Yesterday i managed to break a box again. Wooden boxes shouldn’t break at all :wink:

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You cannot trade an empty basket with anything, including horses and crocks, however if the basket has items in it, you can. This needs to change.

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I would like to be able to stack more than two gold ingots, just like iron and such. ;p #ToShowOffMyRiches

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I have never seen a flint chip break, after 1000+ hours of game play.

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We’ll remove axing wooden boxes in the next update. Thanks for the feedback.


@Christoffer Can we please make the game support stylus touches? Point and click games suck on mobile because fingers take up so much screen space where you need to see. And i was faily dissapointed that my phones stylus won’t register in game actions.
Everything else works can go through the menu and use buttons etc, but the actual game wont recognise stylus touches.

Playing the game on an iPad with an Apple Pencil would be awesome! :grinning:

Mouse support would be a great addition too.

  • I wish yellow clothing was actually yellow (:yellow_heart:) instead of diarrhea green (:pear:).
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maybe there could be an other way to get a brighter yellow. made out of Corn or Dandelion.


there are heavy items like big rocks and wooden sledge which take a lot of time to put back on ground when you walk more then like 4 tiles. sometimes i stand there for 10sec till the game allows me to put it on ground. idk why its harder to put them on ground after few tiles. sometimes i only move them only 2 tiles so i wont starve because of holding them.


I’m worried about that.
In Kr-1, griefers are already being installed with facilities that cannot be removed.
The wooden box is too easy to make.
Now we’re putting on rubber wheels so they can’t break the box.
If we can’t get rid of the wooden box (with a lid) using an axe, can we get rid of it when the griefer has installed it all over the town? :sob: