The City of Eden

Today I started on the city of eden.
The city quickly made progress with the help of a few members of the fellowship of OHOL.
In a few minutes we had already started our base camp, now it’s time to expand!
While one started at the farm, another went looking for iron.
I made sure that there was enough wood so that the fire would not go out and I caught rabbits for backpacks and pie.
Soon after that the babies came poppin in, someone asked me: do we keep the babies or not?
At that moment I had to brainstorm, what will be the future of this city and can we entrust it to strangers.
In a fraction of a second I lifted my baby: you are Emma, ​​welcome to the family.
I gave her clothes and a backpack,showed her around and I put her at the fire.
For 7 generations I have looked after the progress of our city after my death.
This is the last moment of our family.

If you’ve been here or yet going to, I want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedicatio.
The belltower is now 3 stones high, hopefully you will soon hear the bell so you can run to your new home.


Is it on eu 2

Yes it is


Dang i wish i was still in fellowship because there are so many big places only having members

They starve randoms

I guess i will use my eve spawn to kapugen but i think they will kill me

I tried to enter the city of eden, but unfortunately I am not welcome. Its fine, just give it time.

I can not speak for anyone else, but I think no one will kill you if we all play this game in a fun way and respect each other. so far I am the only one in that place, but as soon as the bell rings, it is public for everyone just like the server


They run the bell when i died, i spawn back and dont feed

Why should they feed you? Anyone that has never been known to grief and is friendly towards the fellowship is BOUND to start destroying their town the moment they are allowed to live.

Mainly because people keep griefing.

How are they greifing, the town looks spotless
to me.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Beautiful town btw! xD

Thank you ainz, glad you could join, belltower Will be ready tommorow, just added Fourth layer.

Luv u mom

I buried u in snow

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I didnt join, what do you mean?

Iisunderstood because you said beautiful town

Thank you king, come back anytime