What does yum bonus do?

Hello there! I’ve been playing You Are Hope for 3 months now and i have some confusion over yum bonuses.

What does yum bonus do exactly? I heard people say its important but whats so special about it?

(Sorry bad English)

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if you eat a variaty of different foods, your yum bonus will go up. with a higher yum bonus you wont get hungry as quickly

i played 3 years but never used it.


Very basically, try not to eat the same thing twice. Each consecutive different food adds a bonus food bar beyond your normal food meter so you can go longer without eating.

This has been discussed many times in the forums so rather than explain, I’ll give you links to a couple of posts

How yum works:

Saturation of all foods:


Yum bonus also makes it more likely that the next baby will be birthed to you, doesn’t it?

i think it is only the pine needle tea doing that.

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Yum bonus makes it so you don’t have to eat for longer. I got a Yum bonus of 15 and didn’t have to eat for a while. Basically it’s extra hunger bars added.

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