What's cooking in the developers' kitchen? / 開発チームは今何を?

Thanks for your feedback. I understand what you mean, but circumstances have dictated our course of action, which is to incrementally change the visual style to some extent.

This also makes sense in theory, but we release increments to this game every two weeks or so. It’s not possible to redraw everything in one such increment.

Our hope is that the good in our updates will outweigh any inconsistencies, and that the new style will eventually take over and feel like the normal style.


The visual change doesn’t seem incremental at all.

Outweighing the inconsistencies with new features just doesn’t feel/seem right.

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I like the new visual style of the game! Keep up the great work! :heartpulse:


I probably missed it somewhere, but are the dirt piles created by rice field useable for farming?

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No currently there are no uses for the dirt that comes from the pile. But the rice it can produce is highly efficient.

Rice sheafs can be combigned to make straw which can be used to make compost. The rice patties also dont require soil to grow rice which makes it way easier to maintain than all other food sources. And rice can be eaten right after being boiled or as onigiri if placed on palm leaves.

So the unusuable mud downside is negliable compared to the bonuses from using the rice patties to farm.

Using the Dirt that you get when digging for rice fields and water features

Wheelbarrows transport the Dirt

Mud for Bricks can be mixed in a Wheelbarrow: Dirt + Water + Sand + Straw -> Brick Mud

Create a Brick Mold…

… and pour the Mud into it. Then let it dry in the sun.

Use Wheelbarrows again to transport the finished bricks…

… and start building your roads and town squares

You can also color your bricks for more decorative uses. Who can build the prettiest town square or garden? :smile:
もっと装飾的にしたければ、レンガを色付けすることもできます。さあ一番素敵な広場や庭を作るのはどなたかな? :smile:

To start with, bricks will be a building material for roads and floors. In the future, there will likely be more uses for bricks…


Im so happy :heart_eyes:

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Omg this is awesome I love it!

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Need to use Wheelbarrow? Not Hand Hart?

Yes! Finally the Wheelbarrow becomes useful for something. :wink:


Bug report
The recipe says “Ditch is a natural resource”.

Yes, we’ve fixed that for next release. Thanks for reporting it!


Idk why but the brick mold kinda makes me wanna use it to hold corn,carrots, cabbage, etc lmao i think seeing all the slots is what does it lmao


How do we put the dirt in the wheelbarrow?

Do the bricks have insulation? Besides, it’ll be nice if we have a cold floor cover.

You use a shovel

No, this is for building roads, not indoor floors mainly. It will have a speed bonus, not insulation.


I love it. Speed bonus is as convenient as insulation. Thanks!

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The wheelbarrow is already pretty slow though. I can’t imagine trying to transport a giant pile of dirt using one.

Wow! @Christoffer listens to our suggestions again. Thats amazing! The game is going forward fast, i am sure we wil get more players. Sometimes i look onetech to look what OHOL is up to. But i see that all the updates are slowing down.