Carrot Improvements / ニンジンの改善

The good old carrots are not being farmed as much as they deserve. Since we are going to remove growing berry bushes from seeds in a future update, it’s time to improve the carrots. Otherwise the early game could become too difficult.
Here’s what’s coming:

  • Pile of Carrots
    You will be able to put up to 5 carrots in a pile on one tile. Don’t let them lie there forever though (because they won’t - one carrot will decay in 5 minutes)
  • Basket with Carrots
    Similar to “Basket of Charcoal”, this will be a special case - a basket that can hold 5 carrots.
    While in a basket, carrots will only decay at the rate of one per hour.
    Using an empty basket, you can harvest a whole row of carrots in one go.
    A full Basket with Carrots can be emptied into an empty Crock with Note in one go. Carrots don’t decay while in Crocks.
    You can also pick up a full Pile of Carrots with an empty basket in one go.
  • No more need to stand around to protect one row of carrots for seeding. Once a carrot row has matured, water it a bit and it will become a row of Seeding Carrots, which can’t be picked until the seeds are matured. Time for maturing seeds has been lowered to 3 minutes. (If you don’t water them and no-one picks them, the carrots will still turn into seed after one hour).

To summarise: carrots will be faster to grow and less time consuming to harvest, plus take up less space. Just make sure to make many baskets! :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: :basket: :yum:

Specially for you @Carotbro :hugs:



  • ニンジンの山

  • ニンジン入りのかご

  • これからはニンジンが種になってしまわないよう見張る必要がなくなります。ニンジンが育つと、水をあげてください。種用のニンジンになり、種ができるまでは引き抜くことはできません。そして3分で種になります(誰も水をあげない、または誰も引き抜かなかった場合は、1時間後に種になります)。

まとめると:ニンジンはより早く育ち、収穫までさほど時間もかからず、場所も取りません。たくさんかごを用意してくださいね! :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: :basket: :yum:

@Carotbro さんに感謝 :hugs:


wow nice :slight_smile: i like that a lot!

Carrots will be the new berries :blush: for early camps that sounds very good. And a lot less of a mess with the stacking and the baskets! I am happy to see this


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