Investigating new tools against griefers / 荒らし対策新ツールの検討

This is the idea for number one. If the user has grieved, the color of the user’s name changes for 600 minutes based on the play time. People who have recently been to Donkey Town are brown. The name appears in brown for 600 minutes from the time of departure from Donkey Town. The person who recently killed someone is red. In addition, you can vote for deportation in the family tree. This is to prevent the griefer from hiding the body.

1번에 대한 아이디어 이다. 유저가 그리핑 행위를 했다면, 플레이 시간 기준 600분 동안 유저의 이름 색상이 바뀐다.
최근에 동키타운에 간 적 있는 사람은 갈색이다.
동키타운에서 벗어난 시간부터 600분의 생애동안 이름이 갈색으로 나온다.
최근에 누군가를 살해한 사람은 빨간색이다.

덧붙여서 가족 트리에서도 추방 투표를 진행할 수 있다. 이는 시체를 감추는 그리퍼를 방지하기 위함이다.

Items 1,2,3 have been implemented, but with a slightly different design. Read about it here: New anti-griefer tools: action log / 荒らし対策新ツール:アクションログ

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If the owner of the town performs repairs and disassembles something, the vandal sees it. Can the vandal expel the owner of the town through a log?
You can give players the right to set a special mark. This mark declares that he is the owner of a certain range. At the same time, the boundary of this range must be enclosed by some kind of non-removable fence to take effect.
The town owner can set how large this range is.(type in data)
Only the town owner has the right to view the log.
Only the town owner can evict players with sabotage on the log. And two evictions will keep the spoilers permanently away from this place.
If a place is covered by a mark, you cannot set a new mark.

Players who are maliciously vandalized will be monitored. If there is a second sabotage, the account will be permanently marked (for example, there is a red symbol on the top of the head), no matter which service the account casts a child, adults will exist. All servers can be seen by players, which makes players more alert.

Bless and Curse. hahaha. Ember and me talked about this when we are in en-nokid. very interesting idea. Some details like 3 bless make items unbreakable, 3 curse make griefer move slower, smelly and got flying around him. Very interesting.

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The permenant identifier idea is amazing, I think the recorder is too much work like who will look through all the history to identify a griefer it could take up a life to do it idk but yep if they are gonna get identified then they won’t do it because normally people will just throw them away as babies if they identify a griefer


Geographic Banishment (number 4 in the list) has now been implemented and will be live in the 2.15.0 release today. See this topic:

Hey I got another suggestion for banishment. What about taking away the ability to kill ppl with bow/arrow and knife for player with b2 (or b3) and higher?

Just had an encounter with a daughter who was b2. I ignored this tho because I didn’t want to treat her less because of this, I just was careful about what she was doing. She did well, collected iron, forged some stuff… and then suddenly she made a bow and arrow and killed my last child without a word. Without there being anything that leads to this.

So I thought maybe ppl that already have been banished a few times should get ripped of the ability to kill at all (until the b is back to maybe 1). Sure they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves anymore this way… but it’s a punishment after all and a protection for the ones who are not griefing.

What you guys think about this?

Might be a good idea. I will think about it and see if others have comments on your suggestion.

What happened after the killing took place? Did you guys use your banishment votes?


it’s kinda like a background check on people befor they get weapons :slight_smile: i think it’s a good idea. no bows, arrows and knifes for B’s.

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Yes I immediately voted to banish her and she instantly died. In the chronicles it’s written tho that she died of starving. My son also voted to banish her, but at that time she already was dead. My vote was enough to send her to donkey town, there was a message wich said that.

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Yes, that means that someone else had also voted on this person before (a single vote doesn’t have the power to send to DT).

Consider this though: If someone kills it is very easy to identify that person as a griefer and then send that person to DT. Other actions a griefer can take can be much more difficult to know if it’s actual griefing or just inexperienced play. In a way, it’s good that griefers can be easy to identify by these stupid actions? Not sure what’s actually best…

If killing is considered griefing im not sure why it’s in the game. I saw it as part of the game. Some players use it as an own game mode. But for me it’s okay to limit the access to weapons, if players are on probation.

Yeah that’s true. But in my situation we were an early camp with just 3 people :slightly_frowning_face: I placed a peace lily to spawn back to build it up with my two children. So in that case, when very few players are there, the people are more valuable than the stuff that can be stolen/destroyed. After all other stuff can be replaced. The ppl cannot be replaced so easily.

But I also see the point that if there’s griefing in another way, often people don’t care much about it… it takes some time to make enough ppl understand what happens and then a discussion starts where griefers can actually cover their actions with lies or pretending being new… So your point is a good one. I am also curious what others think about this

Edit: I usually play on beginner server or no child server. So there’s no killing anyway. The griefing there is awful and I gotta admit also sometimes creative by the griefers (it must be - cause they can’t kill).
But everytime I play on a server where killing is possible and that actually happens, it feels much worse to me than all the griefing that I see in the other server. That might just be my personal opinion, but killing someone also in a game feels much worse to me than the other stuff

maybe the peace lily monument is too hard to build in early camps?

Peace Lily Monument

and it could be stronger so 100x100 tiles are no kill zones.

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I have thought about increasing the range of the monument. 100x100 sounds a bit too much though. It needs to be roughly in viewing distance, so you know what’s happening, right?

And when a message shows up „This area is protected by a peace monument“?

Good point.
We didn’t have those messages at the time when we designed the peace lily monument, but now we do…

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i would only show it to players who try to kill. otherwise it would be strange to get this message everytime you step in to this zone.

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Yeah I also meant it like this. Wasn’t clear from what I wrote :see_no_evil:

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sorry forgot to say it. i think the message is a good idea as a feedback to the player. so the players knows what’s up.

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