Upcoming new game mechanics / 新しいゲームのメカニック

We are building some new features and I’d like to give you a heads-up about what’s coming:

Changes to graves
To bury the bones of a player, you will first dig a hole (same as when digging a ditch), then put the bones in the hole and then fill the grave with dirt. Lastly, you place a flat rock as a head stone. (then you can decorate it if you like, using the same methods as before).
Digging a hole requires a shovel today, but in the future you will also be able to dig using a Stone Hoe and move Dirt using a Basket. A shovel is more convenient, but will no longer be necessary.

Unburied player bones will decay faster than previously, in about 20 minutes. No more endless bone yards…

A new way to return to your favorite place on a public server
By placing a flower on a Home Marker, you will create a personal Rebirth Marker, which is permanent on that server. If you place a new Rebirth Marker on the same server, it will overwrite the previous one.
The Rebirth Marker has no effect if it is not activated, but when it is active, it will determine where you are born when you start a new game on the server:

  • if there is a suitable mother within a certain radius of your marker, you will be born as a baby to that woman.
  • if there is no suitable mother in the radius, you will spawn as an Eve a short distance away from your Rebirth Marker.
    Your compass will start pointing at your rebirth marker, so you can easily find it if you like.

Your Rebirth Marker on a server becomes active when your own remains (bones) are properly buried, after having lived a life for at least 10 years on that server (no need to live to 60). The person burying your remains can either be another player, or yourself, playing a new life.
If you die before living for 10 years, or if no-one buries your remains, simply try again as many times as you like. You will never lose the marker, so you are always guaranteed to be able to find your way back eventually.

Your rebirth marker is deactivated when it is used, and has to be reactivated each time before you can use it again. You don’t have to place the marker again unless you want to move it to a different place, because it can be reactivated an unlimited number of times.

Baby Abandoning Consequences
When a child dies before it’s 3 years old, its mother will become so sad that she loses 5 food. If it happens a second time to the same mother (in the same life), she will lose 10 food, then 15, 20, …
This change is supposed to discourage mothers from abandoning their babies. It’s also realistic that a mother would become weak with grief when losing a child…

Stop for "Reset Marathon"
To discourage people from performing several baby suicides in a row, we will impose a cool-down for starting many new games in a short time. The cool-down time will grow when many games are started quickly.

  • You can’t start life #2 less than 30 seconds after you started your latest life.
  • You can’t start life #3 less than 2 minutes after you started life #1.
  • You can’t start life #4 less than 5 minutes after you started life #1.
  • You can’t start life #5 less than 10 minutes after you started life #1.

Most players will never realize that these limits are there, but it will hopefully become inconvenient to do reset marathons.

Ruins - New Decay Mechanism
We will implement a probabilistic way for long-lasting objects to decay. This means that the longer time that has passed since the latest player was visiting a town, the higher probability that things have decayed when a new player visits. This should make it possible to discover interesting ruins in old towns, where some parts of buildings have decayed, but others are still standing, etc. We intend to try it out with stone walls first, but then things like baskets and clothes could also get a probability to “survive” longer periods of time.

Eve spawning spiral
We have been spawning new Eves in a growing spiral pattern. When the spirals grow too large, the chances of encountering previous civilizations become smaller. We are now going to make the spiral pattern a bit tighter. We will also start new, overlapping spirals whenever they grow over a certain size on a server, so the spawning patterns mix more. The idea is that it will be interesting to find the remains of an older town now and then. Servers with smaller populations will have smaller sized spirals and vice versa.

Child Gender
In general there is a 50/50 chance of girl and boy when a woman gives birth, but there will be some exceptions:

  • A girl is guaranteed if the woman already has at least one living son, but no living daughters.
  • A girl is guaranteed if the woman is older than 35 and has no living daughters.
  • A boy is guaranteed if the woman already has at least two living daughters, but no living sons.

So if your family needs girls, but you get a boy, just make sure the boy survives and you are guaranteed a girl next time.

Amount of Children / Birth Cooldown

  • If you have one living child that’s less than 3 years old, you will not have another until it becomes 3 years old. (Not true for private servers)
  • If you have living 3 children who are all under 10 years old, you will not have another child until one dies or becomes 10 years old. (Also true on private servers)
    This is to avoid overwhelming a mother.







  • もしあなたのマーカーの一定の半径内に、ちょうど適した母キャラクターがいる場合、あなたはその女性の子どもとして生まれます。
  • もしそのような母キャラクターが存在しない場合は、再生マーカーから少し離れたところにイブとして生まれます。コンパスは再生マーカーを指すので、それを探したければすぐに見つかります。







  • 最初の人生をスタートしてから30秒以内に二番目の人生を始めることができない。
  • 最初の人生をスタートしてから2分以内に三番目の人生を始めることができない。
  • 最初の人生をスタートしてから5分以内に四番目の人生を始めることができない。
  • 最初の人生をスタートしてから10分以内に五番目の人生を始めることができない。


廃墟 - 新しい劣化メカニズム






  • 母キャラクターに少なくとも一人の生きた息子がいるけれど、娘は生きていない場合、必ず女の子が生まれます。
  • 母キャラクターが35歳以上で生きた娘がいない場合、必ず女の子が生まれます。
  • 母キャラクターに少なくとも二人の生きた娘がいて、息子はいない場合、必ず男の子が生まれます。


子どもの数 / 出産クールダウン

  • あなたに3歳以下の生きた子どもが一人いる場合、その子が3歳を迎えるまでは他の子どもは生まれません(プライベートサーバーは例外です)。
  • あなたに10歳以下の子どもが三人いる場合、その中の一人が10歳になるか死ぬかまでは他の子どもは生まれません(これはプライベートサーバーにも適用されます)。母キャラクターが大変になりすぎないようにするためです。


Can a childless server be reborn?

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What do u mean whit „i can bury myself“ ?how?
And Would I have been born where I was dead (60 years old)last time if this server was empty?

When you died and born on that same place from your mother or sister, you can bury yourself. That’s mean you can’t activate it when you are playing solo, but can activate it when there’s another fertile woman on that favorite place.

I like the idea of abandoning baby and suicidal baby. It will be real pain in the beginning since not a lot of people know the new mechanism. But at least finally we can stop abandoning baby and suicidal baby.

I have a few question tho,

  1. Does the cooldown time in suicidal baby reset to zero or decrease a little when we stop doing suicidal?
  2. does it count suicidal when our mother are late to feed us? (for example she didn’t mean to abandon us, but she’s busy with her works and come back a little late to feed us).

I think the guaranteed boy if you have two living daughters but no boys is a nice touch. It should help keep the gender balance in towns and should also help with eve camps to have a guaranteed male gatherer or worker.

Can we clear griefer’s Rebirth Marker through banishment?

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I don’t agree with you. If you don’t want to be abandoned, you can play on a crowded server. When fewer servers can not be reborn, civilization will disappear.

Christoffer, I like your new idea. I think it will make our game happier. But I hope I don’t have to change the way Eve was born. It’s going to make us very uncomfortable. I have a little suggestion. I hope there’s a permanent landmark that can be removed. Unremovable home standards will plague us in building our home city of Yancheng. What do you think?

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I think your idea is very good. I have the same feeling.

About the new Baby Abandoning Consequences, what if a baby runs away and dies? A lot of people do that and thats unfair for the mom because she loses food without she can do anything. This is also a problem for starting eves. A lot of babies run away when spawned in a small eve camp because they don’t like that. And the eve wil lose hunger, and because she just spawned and doesn’t have a farm she will die. There should be a solution for this, otherwise it would be hard to get a new eve town.





[quote=“Christoffer, post:1, topic:5884”]

Bones stay in baskets until you bury them? Whaaaaat. Please adjust this so we can move bones before they decay after “20” min



So… that’s true…

There are at least 4 people who against it, wasn’t? But you don’t give them any answer…

Just give up .Bro They dont even care about our ideas. I thought we decide hier through democracy, but no , they just bring up some new system instead of adding new things in this stupid game.
Bro I was killed like 20 times today because those Japanese griefer always ran away from me. This game was much better before when they were working with OHOL. Now this game with this stupid system s u c k s
I swear this game has now become a griefers paradise,They focus on things that are useless rather than solving the griefer problems.