Upcoming new game mechanics / 新しいゲームのメカニック

Maybe I said something too serious(I am sorry),but they did ask questions, right?

Indeed they did. I stand corrected in that regard :blush:


There are too few lily flowers(Spathiphyllum). Be able to put the lily seeds in the basket. Lily petals disappear too quickly. Make the tombstone removable. Be able to lower the bone from the basket.


this sux when i only had 25 min to play anyway

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Just a reminder, this game started out as a family based survival game, that’s what everyone was promised when purchasing the game. It wasn’t intended to be a solo game.

Solo play made the players that wanted to play with others confused and sad. They keep getting abandoned by their mom over and over again. Also it takes up the resources that all players payed for.

Also solo play strongly relies on the server being almost empty, if more players join EU server for a long period of time boosting the population to the same as US beginners you will likely lose your town.

Private servers was requested by solo players, because as long as you are on public server you have the risk of your town being broken in and destroyed.

No kids server is a middle ground that you get to focus on gameplay and meeting new people without caring for babies. There’s a tight community that maintains the spawn point on both En and Jp no kids now.

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How about take away consequences for suiciding and baby abandonment and have it be as it was before, because players have the right to play with who they want and they have the right to Solo Play if they want and everyone has the right to play how they want to play especially since we have all bought the game, which you seem to have forgotten or don’t care. And the flower placing on the home marker should be enough to respawn and should be enough to respawn an unlimited amount of times even after doing just once even if it was many lifetimes ago and can only be changed if u place a flower on a different home marker. And let’s be honest, you made the walls turn into ruins and eventually disappear so that people can’t Solo Play and so their home is not safe from greifers. Stop forcing us to play how YOU want us to play the game. And I also know that all of this is a HUGE tactic to force us to rent a Private Server even though everyone who has downloaded the game has paid you money already. Which is wrong, selfish, greedy, self centered, self entitled, and corrupt.

This game is now unplayable to me and others. I refuse to play the way YOU want me to play. I should be able to play how I want to play especially since again, I paid for the game. So now I shall spend it greifing on people who aren’t my friends, or people I like, or friends of friends who are good people. I know other people who r also greifing because of this. Before this update they kept to themselves in their home or a friends home Solo Playing. They also spent a little time in the No Children server to play and help out before that server was trashed by greifers. They are good people and wouldn’t be spending their time greifing if not for the update. It is a protest and showing others how bad this update is for those who are still ignorant and think it’s a good update. And of course I enjoy doing it to people who I think deserve it, so do my friends. It’s fun doing it to people who we think deserve it. And again, since the game is unplayable to us this is the only thing we can do that is fun. If it wasn’t for the update, we wouldn’t be doing this. Er, well, I don’t know about my friends, especially one of them, but I know that if it wasn’t for this update, they’d only be doing it to people who really, really, really deserve it. I on the other hand suicide as to not play with them and I greif on people who deserve it when I feel like it, which isn’t always, or if they really P word me off. But now with this update, this is pretty much all we’ll be doing when playing this game, I’ll of course just let myself die at age 3 for people who are my friends, people I like, and people who are nice so they don’t feel greif and will continue on my greifing way. For my friends and I, with this update, it’s either greif, or boycott the game and stop playing.

Also, I would like to add, what about when an Eve is making the journey to find that good/suitable home, it sometimes takes a long time to find that good/suitable home and bringing babies along, especially dragging older kids makes it take forever, and sometimes because you’re dragging them you can’t find that good/suitable home and it sometimes makes the Eve have to settle for almost any place as a home even though it’s a terrible af home. Sometimes the home is so bad and unlivable that the family has no chance and the entire second generation dies. And now with this new mechanism, it’s impossible for an Eve to find a good/suitable home unless she’s super lucky and one is close by or unless she raises the kids to age 3 so she doesn’t feel greif and abandons them once they turn 3, which wastes the babies time and would suck and naturally make the babies hate her or at least be mad if not very mad. But the only way an Eve can find a good/suitable home and as soon as possible is she has to leave her babies and waited until she finds a good/suitable home to raise them. And let’s not forget that dragging kids is dangerous, kids are slower than adults so you have wait for them, and sometimes kids get lost and sometimes the kids die along the way and sometimes the mom dies and sometimes it’s cause she has to go back to her kid who can’t run as fast or she feels she has to find her lost kid. Honestly it’s a headache and makes things much harder than needs be and makes it take forever unless you settle for anything as a home which is a bad thing to do. The best chance for the families survival as a whole and what’s best for the family is for the mom to leave her kids and find that good/suitable home and then raises kids. But again, with the new mechanism, now it seems you have to raise your kid to age 3 and abandon them or settle for anything as home, or suicide when you become an Eve because it’s pointless if you don’t want to raise kids to age 3 then abandon them to do what you need to do. And that’s not fair to the baby and it wastes the babies time and it sucks, but you do what you have to do. And it’s also a waste of time to drag kids making the journey to find a good/suitable home take forever. And it’s especially a waste of time if you settle for a S wordy area as home. And what about when you’re very busy doing something, like a girl the other day was mining for iron but died due to greif. Sometimes people r just too busy to raise a baby, and sometimes what they are really busy with is helpful to the civilization. Like bringing a ton of iron back is super helpful. And yeah, you can bring the baby back, but sometimes after your kid turns 3 another one is born like right after meaning you had to stay longer, and then that kid is 3 and then you go back and right after that a baby is born again. And sometimes that just keeps happening. So you are forced to raise the kid so you don’t die but you can’t be helpful beyond that and that is really frustrating and not fun. Also there are other things people are too busy with to raise a baby at that time. And there are times when you just can’t raise that kid, like if your riding a horse or a horse with a carriage. It would be a super slow process of bringing both the kid and the horse/horse with carriage back and would be super hard to keep yourself and your baby from starving. Think about it, having to go super slow with carriage cause babies can’t run very slow and much slower then adult let alone a horse/horse with carriage, and your having to feed yourself and the baby and feeding the baby costs food and being in cold places causes your food to decrease even more and not every boime you go into has food in it. And also what about hunting, I love to hunt especially bears, it’s my favorite thing, I also hunt and raise babies too if I’m in a family and we raise kids, what if a baby is born while I’m hunting and the baby accidentally gets bitten by a bear or a Wolf?! It happens, even by accident. So then I have to lose food cause of it and most likely die because my bars are not always full especially when my food decreases fast in a cold boime. Also sometimes I can’t carry my kid in this situation or in general because when my food bar is low I need to feed myself and picking up babies costs food so I have to feed myself and save myself because I just don’t have enough food bars to feed my baby. And in general, sometimes after kids turn 1 they can fall, and a LOT of my babies tend to fall constantly and sometimes even run around. I don’t mind suicidal babies, it’s their choice to stay or suicide, but I hate fallers and runners and I especially hate suffering from my babies suiciding and suffering from not picking them up, I also hate paying consequences for suiciding as a baby or as Eve. Not like you care though, if you did you wouldn’t have made this update. Like raising children wasn’t already crippling, now the mothers have to stay at home and can’t do anything because they have to make sure their kids don’t die so they don’t die. Who wants to just sit holding all their kids the entire time?! Plus that is kinda sexist that woman who have babies are forced to stay home and can barely do anything if they can do anything at all. And what about afk babies?! Some people figure out their babies are afk and before the update they would let them die to avoid wasting their time and food bars feeding the afk baby, now moms have to raise their babies even though they are afk to avoid losing food bars because you don’t lose the same amount of food each time a baby dies, the amount of food you lose increases each time a baby dies.

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You were silenced by the forum system for getting flagged too many times, which I have manually unsilenced you☺

I’m sorry. Would you please point out your key idea? Like your feedback and the current issue? I’m kind of lost since the words are messed up.

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I have a few questions about the new mechanism.

  1. Reactivated the rebirth marker. Is the bones need to be exactly from our previous lives or it just any bones of our previous lives? For example, if i put petal on the home mark (1st live), but I born somewhere else later when I died (2nd lives). Then on the third time, I born in the 2nd lives village again and encounter my 2nd live’s bones, if I buried those 2nd bones instead of my 1st bones, will the rebirth marker reactivated?

  2. I accidentally put down my homemark where I put my rebirth marker. Will my rebirth marker erased?

  3. We don’t need to die 60,right?

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Chrisstoffer confirmed in a previois post that you dont have to live untill 60 anymore to respawn at your own homemarker.

I dont know if it has to be your previous lives bones but it should be a lot harder to encounter your own bones since they now despawn a lot quicker so unless its in an unloaded area (like a stone biome far away from town) then its likely to despawn by the time you are reborn to that family.

So we need to bury our bones every life before they decay in order to keep rebirth active?

I was thinking that if it just random bones of our previous lives, there’s might be easier to come back to our old village. We just need to meet our bones from any lives.

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I couldn’t talk for 19 hours anyways because I’m a new user, but thank u. =]

The words are not messed up. And my key idea was to respond to Ember with blunt honestly. And almost all my feedback has been flagged, including some in this topic that were here before that last message you saw and responded to. So unfortunately, you will not be able to see it because of the stupid censorship and the control freaks who censor and silence people. Again, they’ll just censor anyone who is being bluntly honest especially if that includes criticisms. This might even get flagged. They all want you to kiss their you know what’s and to say what they want you to say and say nothing but positive stuff and thanks you’s or just stay silent and not talk at all.

For the record I don’t think Ember or Skylar are control freaks, just people doing their job. I know Ember is nice and Skylar seems nice, so I won’t hold them doing their job against them cause I think it’s just them doing their job instead of flagging or removing posts they don’t like or from people they don’t like, unlike Christopher, Mandrake, and the other flaggers. But Christopher, Mandrake, and the players that flagged me are control freaks and obviously don’t like me.

To be clear: I have neither flagged you nor done any of the other things you accuse me of.
How can I like you if I know nothing about you? You have been playing the game for almost a year, but never once offered any ideas or feedback in this forum. Until two days ago, when you started forum bombing. If someone you have never seen before greets you in the street with a punch in the face, would your reaction be “I like this person?”

That doesn’t mean I dislike you, though I don’t like the way you have expressed yourself. Please stop talking about the people here and how we are and concentrate instead on what you have to say to help make the game better.

If you think the game is not worth what you paid for it, then I will refund you the money and consider your playtime since January a gift.
If that is what you want, just let me know.

But stick to the forum rules - they apply to everyone here.


Can someone explain how the marker is permanent if you have to bury bones everytime

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If they hold you to one years old then you could survive if you instantly get to and stay at a perfect temp until you turn three. The green temperature. But you will be at 1 food tic likely.

Other than that i don’t believe there’s any other way to survive sorry. Usually you can find perfect temp at the corner of snow and desert bioms or green and desert.
Also midle of jungles are usually always green if your naked so as long as you dodge the mosquitos you will have the highest survival chance because of bananas

Its permanent in the sense that you are able to return to that homemarker the next life after your buried everytime. Even if that homemarker is removed by another player or if its been weeks or even months since you made that marker you will be either spawned at it or born to a nearby female player as long as you get buried.

Wow…That is just too over. Just want you know, I can easily open the hidden part. It seems your comments are crowded with many S/F words which are not suited for younger users. Please do not injure peaple based on the subjective feeling only. I think Chris and developers have mixed many unreasonable parts, and they’ve devoted a lot to understand us. Right? :slightly_smiling_face:

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