Update 2.20.0 / アップデートバージョン2.20.0

Welcome to update 2.20.0! Here’s what’s in this update.

New road :

You can now use gravel to make a gravel road.

Cave mines now have gold:

There’s a chance to get gold pieces from breaking rocks from the mine.

Gold pieces can be collected in bowls or carried in seed pouches.

Once you collected a bowl of gold pieces you can smelt it into a gold ingot.

Adjustment to gooseberries:

We made some adjustments so a village will need fewer bushes and so it’s no longer reasonable to just stand around berry bushes and munch berries.

Wild bushes will regrow all berries every 10 minutes.
Domestic bushes regrow berries in 3 minutes (after you have added soil and water).
Each berry only gives you 2 food points now.


So it’s less waiting, but higher work/resource cost per food point.

You can add soil to empty bush before it dries up, so no waiting time until you can regrow the berries.

Domestic gooseberry bushes will despawn berries if you don’t pick them on time.

These changes mean that Wild bushes are even better for early settlement, while Domestic bushes are not good for early settlement.




You can take a loaf of bread off of the plate.

Bread is baked and cut on the large plate.

You can feed bread to shorn domestic sheep to use up excess wheat.

New food item “Stick Bread”

Put a skewer in dough and then roast over fire to get stick bread (10 food).

Make dough without having any bowls

If you don’t have bowls yet, put wheat on a flat rock, grind into flour, and add water.
You can make 3 bread sticks out of one such dough. Great food for early game!


Adjustments to make items harder to grief:

Shorn sheep cannot be killed, you’ll have to feed them first.

Adjustments to private servers:

You can choose which region to start your private server: Auto, America, Asia, Europe
Note! This choice is made in the main settings - not in the per server settings


Other fixes:

You can put notes on a board.

Aprons can now be worn over clothes, like belts. You can’t have both an apron and a belt at the same time though.

You can now use torch on Newcomen saw.

Playing in practice servers do not effect the cool down of the play button.

You can use tongs to pick up zinc from a pile of zinc.



There’s also something else you can do with written notes now, see if you can find it :wink:
書いたメモについて、他にも変わったことがあります。探してみてね :wink:


@Dayoung uuh dayoung :star_struck: do i see sticky notes on the sign?

@EmberWolf @Christoffer Cool update :heart_eyes: i like it!


Thanks Heidi!

And thanks to to community for your ideas of improvements!


There is a bug where the newcome machine becomes a well after adding water and coal . And the berries actually grow much slower after adding soil and water ( isn’t it supposed to be 3 minutes). Although sheep without fur can’t be killed to prevent griefer, but normal sheep fur ( the one to make horse shadle) is not beautiful to wear and also accumulate. Please find another way to use it .

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@Candylim940802 Which Newcomen machine has the problem you experienced?

I don’t know . But in Japanese beginner two when they build the pressing one ( first newcome machine) , it becomes a newcome well.

I don’t think we changed anything about that one, so that’s weird. We will check though, thanks.

Please try again. I just verified that this takes three minutes, after adding soil and water to an empty bush.

You are right , Christopher. I just realized a big problem. Remember those days we put soil and water on the brown bushes. The bushes doesn’t become brown, thus people still think they can’t put soil and water.

Yes, one of the new changes is that you don’t have to wait for the bush to turn brown. You can put the soil on immediately when the bush becomes empty.

Apparently, it is not well known yet . The berries provide 2 to 3 energy which is low . Most eves have their villages on greenland and near water area. With berries producing 2 to 3 energies, most eves or early family do have a hard time finding food. Making stew is a good idea. But most village plant berries first before (must find the seed, sometimes they are far away )stew to get stable supply of food before getting full with stew. More advanced village will have pie instead. While, it returns to gathering rabbit and eggs age. But , I do worry some beginners can’t survive . Thanks for the reply. Most of the people don’t really read the forum. Neither they know they can put soil and water on empty bushes. It is a bit sad but they will soon learn I guess.
Thank you.

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Let’s hope so.
The wild berries are good for new villages, because they replenish themselves with all 7 berries every 10 minutes now (it was only one berry per 10 minutes before). Planting bushes in new village is not a good idea though. Good players will plant carrots first instead and wait with berries. They can also make the new stick bread very early.
It will take some time for people to learn this. Hopefully, players will teach each other :slight_smile:


Thanks for your hard work

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This is the proof . After adding the coal, it changes. Weird right ? I am sure many village can’t advance because of this bug.


Omg i just experienced this bug too!!! When i put water and coal in the oil rig, it turned into a well!!! Omfg all the effort to create the oil rig was wasted



1st picture is before. after adding a bucket of water and basket of coal, it turned into the well in the 2nd picture. omg… this is awful. Now the crucial oil rig is gone just like that

edit: it affected the newcomen multipurpose engine too. i feel bad because i think this is someone’s rebirth marker town and now the crucial machines are ruined.


beginning towns are no longer going to thrive, since gooseberries only give +2 food im afraid people are going to be dying of starvation left and right. also, i’ve found not many beginners know how to make food and usually they don’t eat any other foods besides gooseberries. great update tho, other aspects are really cool thank you for your work christoffer <3


i was at half health and it took me a whole gooseberry bush to fill me up, compost and water are going to be so valuable and literally no beginners know how to make compost or refill a newcomen well ):


Is it that all the base stone of the Oddity have been deleted from the private server by this update?
I connected around 15 of them with road, with only 1 completed with gold and horse, others not complete. It looks like all non-complete ones have banished. It’s so sad. All my efforts extending more than a year is now gone.

No off. but I don’t like the sheep update. I’d rather just risk sheep dying and use insurance sheep from the town outskirts for lambs than have to feed sheep to kill them. We are going to have so many sheep skins if I decide to make mutton pie and it will consequently make wool more expensive to harvest when I want both wool and mutton. Before, my “system” was to feed baby sheep, shear for wool, then kill for meat for maximal gain, but now I can’t do that anymore.

Edit: just found out through @RubyAce that you can use shears on a dead sheep for wool.