New anti-griefer tools: action log / 荒らし対策新ツール:アクションログ (2.14.0)

We have been working on a fairly big thing and now it’s close to ready for release. It was inspired by the discussion around items 1-3 of this post: Investigating new tools against griefers / 荒らし対策新ツールの検討, but this is the design that we decided to go with:

1. Unique Identifier for Players per Life
Every life you live on is designated a unique number (for that server). This number is used to identify you in the action log.
The number is different for each life you live, so you are still anonymous as a player, but you can’t escape consequences for your actions through this anonymity.

2. Action Logging
The latest action a player does on a tile is stored and can be examined by other players, by using the tap-and-hold gesture. For example: if you see a dead sheep, you can tap-and-hold on it and see the ID of the player who killed it. If the same ID is responsible for killing all sheep, you have likely found a griefer, and may want to vote to Banish them.

3. Banishment in Absentia
If you have saved up to a Banishment Token (40 minutes of gameplay, unless you have recently been banished), then the Banish button will appear when you look at the action log for a tile (it will also appear when you have selected a player, but that’s not new). Using the button, you can give the player who performed the logged action a banish point (vote) even if they are not playing at the moment.

The idea is that this should give good players the tools to punish griefers and to reduce the damage they can do over time. Hopefully this will act as a deterrent for players who may otherwise become griefers.

We will continue to develop and balance anti-griefer measures, so good players can have the fun game you deserve!

Some examples of how the log can look:
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我々はこのなかなか大きな変更に向けて作業を続けて来ましたが、それがリリース間近まで漕ぎ着けました。以前のポスト Investigating new tools against griefers / 荒らし対策新ツールの検討 の1〜3についてのディスカッションを参考にさせていただき、以下のような形にまとまりました。

1. 一人生につき一つのプレイヤー識別

2. アクションログ

3. 追放への不在投票



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Unique ID:
I understand u have to keep players anonymous. But if u could give “good player” a id between 1-50(just example), “bad players” got a id between 50-70. just like credit ratings. Then players are still anonymous, but bad guy got a bad id, that will be know by others in a life.
If a player get a certain number of bans, then he became a “bad player”. He can reduce a ban by play a life. So he have the way to be a “good player ” again.
This idea will make griefer feel isolated and guilty cause he have a bad ID. This is the punishment that can really destroy a griefer.


nice now i can see who makes all the yummy pies and cakes during night and can leave them a ‚thank you‘ note :yum:


I think it’s good as proposed.
So please cook it.


The unique ID need that good idea! But i think

Family Tree Family Members Show Unique Code

I was falsely accused. Because He did all kinds of bad things under the guise of me.

Please mark to the family tree the member’s unique code on the family tree. I want to catch him


We did it!! Im so happy to heard that

Some of you may be glad to see this info in the future, am I right?




Like this, you mean?


Remember that the ID numbers are only unique per server though. Each server has its own ID counter.


So on the opposite side of things id suggest the banished players getting a notification of why they got banished. For example instead of the normal message it could say something like (An observer voted to banish you :turned bear cave to empty)

This would help relatively new players know what actions to avoid or for players to know why they were being banished in certain cases. Like if they moved the sheep to a better pen but someone only saw the dead sheep they could come back and explain before they get banished to death.